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In this podcast together we gather, apply and embody the wisdom needed for authentic well-being in the 21st century.

Each episode is artfully crafted to go an inch wide and a mile deep into the Pentagon of Wellness: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Financial.

Your host Josh Trent asks the questions no one else will ask to garner the truth about how to live a life of confidence, freedom, and optimal wellness—this is where together we walk the path of courage to cross the gap between knowing and doing.

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Mar 21, 2017


That’s how Amanda Steinberg felt in her late 20s. She had bottomed out financially, emotionally—everything. She’d worked herself to the bone to showcase herself as a 21st Century working mom, and like practically every college-educated woman she knew, she'd followed what seemed like straightforward steps to building the perfect post-feminist life.

It was at this gut-check moment, in debt and emotionally spent, when she realized that she was "worth it," and so are you. 


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As a female, have you ever felt like you could not achieve the same financial success as others because of your gender or present situation?

Have you struggled to let go of old weight and society’s expectations of what you should do with your life?

For women who believe they need money to be enough, are afraid they’ll never achieve financial success, or feel stuck in their present situation, this episode is for you.

We are all worthy of financial success and feeling empowered about ourselves.

Despite gender inequality in the workforce and how society views and values money, women have the ability to take the idea of financial success and make it something of their own.

We don't have to allow society's structure and regulations to prevent us from creating a successful relationship with money because we're worth more than that.

Rewiring our Perception of Self-Worth Around Money

What are the stories we tell ourselves in relation to money around society?

For decades, situations and circumstances have shaped the household roles of both males and females. Males have been the providers and women the nurturers.

This idea has been branded in our minds. Society tells us that males cannot be the nurturers nor females the providers. Fortunately, this idea is slowly changing as females are discovering their self-worth and net worth.

Today on Wellness Force Radio, Founder & CEO of DailyWorth, founder of WorthFM, and author of Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms, Amanda Steinberg shares how she’s helping women find their inner strength to let go of old weight and gain financial freedom.

Roots & Wings: Create Your Own Rules About Money

At a young age, Amanda observed the burden that money had on her mother. She saw first-hand the pressure that her mother experienced to make sure that she had enough money to pay the bills and provide a comfortable life for her family.

At one point or another, we can all relate to that same pressure that Amanda’s mother faced. We’ve all experienced the pressure to “be enough” and have a baseline of “normalcy” according to our financial self-worth.

We’re pressured to have enough money to provide for the perfect family, have the best possessions, or to fit our role according to our gender. Unfortunately, because of this pressure around normalcy and money, some women might feel held back from achieving their own financial success.

We’re afraid that we’re not worthy because of how we show up to society.

On this episode, you will learn that despite what society has told us, financial freedom is attainable for anyone. Money shouldn’t be a burden according to our background, gender, or knowledge.

One day Amanda learned an important lesson from her mother that has helped her to let go of old weight and rewire how she perceives money.

To be financially secure, we just need two things: Roots and Wings:

  • Roots are your assets such as real estate, investment, and owning a business.
  • Wings are your cash flow including credit and income.

Join us in listening to Amanda as she shares how we can rewire our perceptions about money and gain financial freedom.

Listen to Episode 104 as Amanda Uncovers

  • How is financial security defined? What does it mean for different people?
  • What we perceive as clarity and control around money versus the reality of our own circumstances.
  • How money can create stress and harm our personal wellness.
  • Amanda's childhood and the paralyzing pain that she and her family experienced because of money.
  • Amanda's experience with debt and the steps she took to reevaluate her personal finances.
  • How a hip-hop poetry artist and a spiritually elevated human rights advocate named Rha Goddess helped Amanda re-program her thoughts on money.
  • The shift in society regarding the role that both men and women have with money.
  • Why Amanda was living a life that she thought she was supposed to live out of fear of not fitting in. Why Amanda forced herself to live a life that didn’t suit her at all.
  • How Amanda created a new story about money to fit her life and needs.
  • How women can write their own rules to live their own lives with roots and wings.
  • The new financial narrative for women in 2017: How does money impact their wellness?
  • Josh's experience with money and how it represented pain for him when he was younger.
  • How we learn about money habits from our parents and other sources.
  • Amanda's strategy to rewire thoughts about who she is and her relationship with money. To rewire her thoughts to not see herself as a spender anymore, but a saver.
  • The challenges women face to become leaders in the corporation world.
  • How the social norms are changing as far as women being nurturers and men being the providers.
  • Amanda's goal to help people to become more comfortable with who they are and what roles they want to take on.
  • How a couple can begin to balance their money and keep their family in a constant state of financial wellness.
  • The importance of figuring out what is important to you i.e. travel, a home, technology so that you focus on spending your money on that and not on something that is not as important to you.
  • How to discover Positive Net Worth: Ask yourself what you're invested in, what do all of these financial terms mean for you? Where is your money and how is it being directed?
  • Amanda's favorite money tools to help you re-evaluate your personal finances.
  • Amanda's plans for 2017 and her new book, Worth It.

Top 3 Takeaways From The Show

  • We do not have to learn money habits from only our parents. There are other sources out there that can act as good examples to help us achieve financial stability and freedom.
  • Society doesn’t define our relationship with money. We do. Despite our previous income status, experiences, our gender, we can let go of old weight and begin a new relationship with money. We can start fresh and gain control of our personal finances with clarity.
  • Our society has wired our brains for years to believe that only men can be the main providers and women the sole nurturers. But times are changing as both genders can either be the provider or the nurturer.

Power Quotes From Amanda Steinberg


"Our feelings and relationship around money have very little to do with the actual circumstances of our finances." - @AmandaSteinberg


  • "My life and work are dedicated to the reinvention of financial advice and financial services so that anyone, regardless of circumstance, gender or knowledge level, can experience the thrill of money clarity and control." - Amanda Steinberg
  • "Our feelings and relationship around money have very little to do with the actual circumstances of our finances." - Amanda Steinberg on achieving clarity and control with money.
  • "As women, we can't really fulfill our potential until we understand our money. I'm trying to support this shift for women in the workforce so that it doesn't feel like work and they don't feel bad about it." - Amanda Steinberg on the current shift for women in relation to money and work.
  • "Worthless. That’s how I felt in my late 20s. I had bottomed out financially, emotionally—everything. I’d worked myself to the bone to showcase myself as a 21st Century working mom, and like practically every college-educated woman I knew, I had followed what seemed like straightforward steps to building the perfect post-feminist life." - Amanda Steinberg on her own struggle with money.
  • "If women are disassociated from finance as our culture has required it, women are never going to be able to take care of themselves and it's going to perpetuate this impossible situation." - Amanda Steinberg on the motivation to help women become financially independent and manage their money better. 
  • "Debt led to doubt; doubt spiraled into despair." - Amanda Steinberg in her new book, Worth It.
  • "All you need are roots and wings." - The piece of financial advice that Amanda Steinberg's mom gave her.
  • "This baseline of normalcy has set it up so that people are so afraid to be judged by others. We don't realize that anyone's judgement of ourselves is actually more about them than anything to do with us. Where do these expectations even come from? Give yourself the freedom of space." - Amanda Steinberg on the social pressures that we face every day and how to ignore them.
  • "We shape our identities to protect ourselves from pain. So, when we start to dismantle some things that we realize don't have to be entirely true, it can be really painful. It's confronting and really uncomfortable. But it can bring clarity to recognize which statements cause us pain and those are the ones that we need to get rid of in our lives." - Amanda Steinberg on how we can rewire our thoughts around money and ourselves.
  • "All of your Truth exists because you arbitrarily chose it for no reason long ago and then collected evidence. That's it. Except for: be nice to people, be honest, love wins. Otherwise, all bullshit.” - Carl Richards
  • "Humans are really starting to realize that we are the creators of our world, we are not victims of it." - Amanda Steinberg on how we are gaining more confidence to do what we want with our lives.
  • "Women have been programmed to be self-less, dependent, and bad with money. I am overtly and expressly helping women to reprogram themselves so that they are self-full, independent, and can live life by their own definition." - Amanda Steinberg on how she's helping women redefine themselves.
  • "What's important for women is to realize that we have been impressed upon us by society that we are valued when we are selfless and giving. That makes it very hard for women to even think about money because it feels like a selfish thing. For the man, he has been told that he will be successful when he has monetary success and he is a provider. So, for the man to release some of that over to his wife and to not feel like he's being emasculated, it's equally as challenging."  - Amanda Steinberg on the struggle society faces to see the female and male roles with money in a different light.
  • "Revenue solves all problems." - Amanda Steinberg's own mantra when she faces something difficult.

About Amanda Steinberg

Amanda Steinberg is the founder & CEO of DailyWorth, the leading financial media company for women publishing financial and business advice to millions of women daily. She is an international business leader, public speaker and author on the topic of women and money.

After launching DailyWorth in 2009 to bring a fresh voice and an outsider’s perspective to personal finance, Oprah selected her to the exclusive SuperSoul 100, while Forbes named her one of 21 New American Money Masters.

She is also founder of the new digital investing service, WorthFM, which received front-page coverage in The New York Times Business section, and the author of Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms.

Buy Worth It by Amanda Steinberg

From the founder and superstar CEO of—the go-to financial site for women with more than one million subscribers—comes a fresh book that redefines the relationship between women, self-worth, and money. Worth It shows women how to view money as a source of personal power and freedom—and live life on their terms.

Millions of women want to create financial stability and abundance in their lives, but they don’t know how. They are stuck in overwhelming confusion and guilt, driven by internalized “money stories” that have nothing to do with what is really possible. As the founder of, a financial media and education platform, Amanda Steinberg encounters these smart, ambitious women every day. With this book, she helps them face their money stories head on and wake up to the prosperity that awaits them.

Worth It outlines the essential financial information women need—and everything  that the advisers don’t spell out. Steinberg gets to the bottom of why women are stressed and anxious when it comes to their finances and teaches them to stay away from strict budgeting and other harsh austerity practices. Instead, she makes money relatable, while sharing strategies she uses herself to build confidence and ease in her own financial life.

Through her first-hand experiences and the stories from other women who’ve woken up, Steinberg’s powerful and encouraging advice can help women of any age and income view money as a source of freedom and independence—and create bright financial futures.

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