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Oct 15, 2019

"We really do have an epidemic with mold and everyday toxins. Many of our health issues are being caused by simple things like a leak in the house that we forgot about or these little invisible bits that we're easily exposed to such as the aluminum from a can of sparkling water or a skincare product that has BPA plastics. Once all of these toxins accumulate, they really start interfering with our hormones, DNA expression, and so many different areas of the body just depending on where the weak spot is." - Dr. Ann Shippy


Is the root cause of your poor health coming from mold in your home?


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Wellness Force Radio Episode 304

Internal and Functional Medicine Physician plus Author of both the Mold Toxicity Workbook and Shippy Paleo Essentials: A Medical Blueprint for Health, Dr. Ann Shippy, shares the real truths about toxic mold, explores the differences between toxicity and allergies, and explains how to test your home for mold.
Listen and learn about the various health symptoms that could be pointing to toxic mold in your home.


Listen To Episode 304 As Dr. Ann Shippy Uncovers:


[5:45] Get Better With Age


[8:40] The Key Components Of Mold Toxicity

  • The key components of toxicity that exist in our modern world.
  • Where to begin with understanding toxicity in the order of gathering, applying, and embodying the knowledge.
  • Why vegetables like blueberries, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and other cruciferous foods are so key to detoxing the body and getting the key nutrients our bodies needs.


[13:15] Dr. Ann Shippy's Healing Journey & Motherhood Experiences

  • IBM and other bouts of illnesses and autoimmune disorders that she developed for a length of time.
  • Why she believes she developed the disorders and why they were such pivotal points for where she is today in both her career and wellness journey.
  • What personal health choices she made based on her medical background and how that helped her heal the autoimmune disorders.
  • Constant stresses that she experienced during her medical residency that took a great toll on her health.
  • The moment when she had to decide if she wanted to be a mother or not while studying and completing her residency at one of Texas' busiest hospitals.


  • Josh's own experience with a case of sinusitis that led to a balloon sinuplasty.
  • Dr. Shippy's own bout of poor health due to the Chaetomium fungus that was found in her home which really likes to attack the nervous and hormone systems.  (22:00)
  • How one of her own patients who has a chemical sensitivity helped her identify that it was Chaetomium fungus in her home.
  • Unusual signs and symptoms that you probably a mold problem in your home. (26:10)
  • Why the most common symptoms that something is wrong are head pain, mental health, skin issues, and asthma.
  • The most common pitfalls people fall into if they're trying to identify mold in their home. (29:30)
  • Dr. Shippy's free guide - “Could It Be Mold?”
  • How she helps people identify health issues caused by mold via the currently most expansive tests (HC-45 test and micro-toxins test). (32:50)
  • Easy causes of mold in our homes that we sometimes don't even think of and how to avoid them.
  • How to test your home on your own for mold toxins. (36:00)
  • MycoTOX Profile — The Great Plains Laboratory


[37:40] The Best Foods To Support Your Body After Mold Exposure

  • What organic foods she recommends people eat to help heal their body after mold exposure.
  • The Dirty Dozen - the 12 “dirty” crops that farmers use the most pesticides on and therefore should try to buy organic.
  • Her family's own food habits and what they focus on the most in their diet.
  • Current, crowd-funded research happening in Italy by The Ramazzini Institute to determine if there is a safe dose of glyphosate that does not cause cancer. (39:20)
  • The Ramazzini Institute 13-week pilot study glyphosate-based herbicides administered at human-equivalent dose
  • Creating a partnership with your physical body by listening to it and provide with what it needs rather than overwhelming it to help it heal.
  • Her upcoming TedTalk and what to expect to hear from it on how you can teach your genes to behave. (45:00)
  • How we can influence, turn on or turn off our different genes for the best collaboration with them.
  • The immense amount of research out there already on epigenetics that we have access to that can help our wellness journey.
  • Why you shouldn't be afraid of asking people for help, accountability or buddying up with someone for you two to support each other with your health goals.



Mold Toxicity Workbook

Click here to buy your copy of Dr. Shippy's Mold Toxicity Workbook

Dr Ann ShippyMold toxicity is often the underlying cause of medical illnesses, yet is frequently undiagnosed. Beyond allergy and asthma symptoms, some of the chemicals that molds make are poisonous. Many people are surprised to find that their symptoms are caused by hidden toxic mold in their homes, work, cars or schools. Mold toxins can affect all systems in the body and causes a vast array of symptoms. Dr. Shippy offers a workbook with her functional medicine approach that provides a solid foundation for identifying the problem and medically-proven solutions for recovering.



Power Quotes From The Show


Identifying Mold Symptoms & Your Weak Link

"Some people can experience strange symptoms from mold toxins like muscle jumping that's called fasciculation, extreme cramps, and even intense shooting pain in the head. Then there are more common symptoms like I had with extreme fatigue, hair falling out, headaches, brain fog, OCD, depersonalization or increased anxiety and depression but it just depends on where your weak link is." - Dr. Ann Shippy


Shifting The Mindset On Health As We Age

"We can get better with age and that mentality is so perfect because we really can improve how our bodies are working and dodge the idea of the whole aging process. So many people think that all of these health problems are normal as we age but they're really not. You should feel great as you're accumulating the years behind you." - Dr. Ann Shippy


A Fresh Start For Greater Health

"Just do what you can today for your health. Start with one step because even the little ones can add up to make a huge difference. There are lots of things you can do but if there's only one thing, eat the fruits and vegetables that help your body to detoxify better such as blueberries, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and that entire cruciferous family. It's more than just the calories that we get from them, they have so many powerful nutrients and chemical messengers that communicate with our bodies that quelch the inflammation. Just simply focusing on getting more healthy foods in your diet and avoiding the ones that we already know can be harmful like sugar is a good place to start." - Dr. Ann Shippy


Building  A Partnership With Our Body

"This is a partnership with your physical body. When you partner with your body and really do listen, provide it with what it needs, and not overwhelm it with what's causing the hurdles, that partnership can really be extraordinary. The body has an extraordinary capacity to heal, and it really wants to get better and take care of you." Dr. Ann Shippy



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About Dr. Ann Shippy

Dr Ann ShippyDr. Ann Shippy practices functional medicine, a method that addresses the underlying causes of disease, not simply treating the symptoms. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Certified in Functional Medicine. Her unique approach combines the art and science of healing to address the care of the whole person. She integrates conventional and complementary therapies to promote optimal health and to prevent and treat disease by addressing contributing factors. Dr. Shippy is dedicated to providing proactive and personalized medicine for her patients.



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