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Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

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May 17, 2024

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 639

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast Host and Wellness Force Media CEO, Josh Trent, shares why Wetiko poses a threat to the collective consciousness and how it shows up in the modern world.

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👇Today's Question

Mark Brown: What do you think is the biggest threat towards the collective consciousness?

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Listen To Episode 639 As Josh Trent Answers Your Questions

[00:00] Intro

What is up everyone? It's Josh Trent. This is Wellness + Wisdom, the podcast where we gather, apply, and embody these 5 sides of ourselves.

These are important sides: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. We call this the Wellness Pentagon, the very best and most importantly most actualized parts of yourself.

These are the parts that we all want to nourish ourselves in so we can have the best life possible. And in these AMAs and in our entire podcast, the wellness and wisdom podcast, we bring on guests from around the world at the highest levels of thought, and highest levels of being.

If you're interested in a full-length episode, those are our Tuesday episodes, so make sure you subscribe wherever you're listening.

This is AMA 639, and today we're talking about something that affects us all, and that is collective consciousness. What do you think is the biggest threat towards collective consciousness? Let's talk about this today.

And let's talk about how we can fortify and build a scaffolding of love and support and resources around ourselves so we do not fall prey to the clutches of modernity...

[05:40] What Is Threatening The Collective Consciousness?

We have one question today. And we have one question because it's a deep question. And it's from Mark Brown. What is Mark asking us? Mark's asking us a big, big question.

What do you think is the biggest threat towards the collective consciousness?

Well, there are many threats. If I was forced to pick one threat, it would be the dark energy, the Wetiko, that is completely permeable to not just our physical self, but our mental self. And what do I mean by this?

In the episode 503 with Paul Levy, Paul talks about Wetiko, which the Native Americans described as dark energy or energy that wants to consume instead of create.

Now, there are many ways that we could go with this, Mar, and we'll probably go back and forth a little bit because I think it is really important to get a woman's perspective, a feminine perspective.

I'll speak from my masculine self, even though inside of me, there's feminine as well, which, you know, that's the whole reason we have a water sign, a triangle in the podcast logo because I'm still learning to understand this feminine side of myself.

But from a masculine perspective, I think that the biggest threat towards collective consciousness is wetiko. Now there are some aspects of Wetiko that we need to unpack before I get to what I believe the true problem is and also the and subjective solution.

I think that Wetiko, number 1, it likes to attach to hosts that don't know that their blood is sucked. The way that we see this play out is specifically with like the transgender movement when we have parents that are, sadly, it almost breaks my heart just to say this out loud, allowing their children to get their sexual organs cut off. That is Wetiko.

Do gooding in the name of self-righteousness is Wetiko. Saying that I know better for you, I'm gonna give you this grace of cutting off your sexual organs at 10 years old, 11 years old. That is a key example of Wetiko.

Wetiko likes to hide in self-righteousness. Anytime I am going into the depths of the ocean of self-righteousness where I know what's best for this person and to be completely blind to any kind of negative life-changing, life-altering ramifications that this little boy or little girl might encounter because of my self-righteousness where I'm going to ride on the coattails of a societal movement it's okay for young children to cut off their sexual organs because they quote think they're a boy when they're a girl.

Well, guess what y'all? If you take a breath and you pull way back out of the clutches of Wetiko, out of the clutches of dark energy, demonic energy, you will find that there is always, always a logical, calm, loving, objective truth. And that logical, calm, objective, loving truth sees things from the all.

When we see things from the all, we can see cause and effect. We can see that when one action is done, it's a positive action that has a direct result.

But when we're so close to our self-righteousness, it's almost as if y'all could visualize, if your nose is touching an elephant, you can't see how big the elephant is. It's the same thing with Wateko.

Dark energy likes to hide in self-righteousness because it is a way that it can perpetuate pain with the do-gooding cloak of modernity. The do-gooding cloak means I'm doing so good in life.

I'm helping all these people. I'm a warrior for social justice. I'm helping these children express themselves.
I'm just using that 1 example it's very, very, very permissive. And it's very, it subjugates children, it subjugates human beings to unnecessary damage, this aspect of self-righteousness.

I think self-righteousness is a universal conundrum that we find ourselves in because hidden inside of self-righteousness is actually paradoxically the core aspect of caring about someone else, deep in Bill Gates' mind, deep in Fauci's mind, deep in these parents' mind and in their heart that are clopping, tearing off the genitals of these children, they actually, a part of them wants to do good.

I don't think that people are inherently evil. I don't. I think the biggest threat towards our collective consciousness is that people are assuming that they're doing good, but they're actually permeating evil. And I think this is something that we really really get to look at.

And by the way, it's not just the transgenderism with children. It's any kind of woke ideology that says, I know what's best for you and I'm not going to see this objectively. I'm only going to see this subjectively. And I'll pass this to you, Mar, after I say one last thing.

If we're going to talk about collective consciousness, that means the all, right? So in all, that means we have to see things from a higher perspective, if we're gonna talk about collective.

What's happening right now that people have fallen into, and it's happening more and more and more, is we're only applying subjective experience to the collective. But paradoxically, it doesn't make any sense, right?

Because if we're gonna see the collective as the all, then we have to disassociate from the I. We can't just be subjective in our viewpoint. We have to be objective in the way that we see the collective consciousness.

So I think, and there's many more, I think that if I was forced to describe the number 1 threat to our collective consciousness, it is this self-righteousness, is this almost syrupy tentacle kind of muse that comes into people's mind that masquerades as God, masquerades as light, but really what it is is demonic Wetiko and dark energy Wetiko that is manipulating parents, manipulating people and manipulating society, manipulating communities.

It's so sad that dark energy is actually light. The greatest place for the devil to hide is in the church, right? There's many, many parallels that have been written about this in ancient texts all the way back to the Sumerians, by the way. In the Sumerian texts, there is an analogy and a story of Enki and Enlil.

Have you seen the Gaia series, Ancient Civilizations? Mar, have you gotten to watch that yet? I believe so. Yeah. Like the Lemurians and Atlantis, all of that?  It is so fascinating. Y'all get to check this out, Ancient Civilizations.

Enki and Enlil are essentially the light and the dark. There are metaphors that the Sumerians, and by the way, the Sumerians, it's the oldest written text on planet earth, stamped into stone, I mean, thousands and thousands of years ago. So they knew the biggest threat to our collective consciousness back then, multiple thousands of years ago.

And I think if we can take a breath, rise up, and see the collective from the all, instead of being allured and manipulated into seeing society's issues and society's problems from a lens of self-righteousness, from the I, I think if we can disassociate from the I and see that all, we're gonna be in a much better place...

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