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Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

The Wellness + Wisdom Podcast is a global collective dedicated to mastering physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world.

In this podcast together we gather, apply and embody the wisdom needed for authentic well-being in the 21st century.

Each episode is artfully crafted to go an inch wide and a mile deep into the Pentagon of Wellness: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Financial.

Your host Josh Trent asks the questions no one else will ask to garner the truth about how to live a life of confidence, freedom, and optimal wellness—this is where together we walk the path of courage to cross the gap between knowing and doing.

Learn from world class leaders in the fields of physical intelligence, breathwork, emotional intelligence, behavior change, wellness, nutrition, behavioral psychology, habits, mindset, fitness, health, strength training, organic supplementation, biohacking, body transformation, psychedelics, mindfulness, meditation, neuroscience, mental health, spirituality, consciousness, the (7) pillars of wellness to live life well and (EI²)™ Emotional Intelligence + Inventory.

Apr 25, 2023

When our eyes are open and receiving stimulus all the time, that in its self is blocking the pituitary and pineal gland because we're not using those gateways for what they're meant for. If the human eyes are always open, then third eye never gets a chance to bring in information, and we don't get to see through that perspective. - Anahata Ananda

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Are You Stressed Out Lately?

Take a deep breath with the M21™ wellness guide: a simple yet powerful 21 minute morning system that melts stress and gives you more energy through 6 science-backed practices and breathwork. Click HERE to download for free.

*Review The WF Podcast & WIN $150 in wellness prizes!

*Join The Facebook Group


Wellness + Wisdom Episode 545

Anahata Ananda, a Shamanic Healer and Soul Guide, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast to reveal how the energy centers of the body impact your well-being, why releasing stuck emotions isn't enough if you don't learn the lesson, and how the stimulus we receive through our eyes is blocking your third eye.

What is blocking you from shining your light?

Discover with Anahata why pain is a strong motivational force for healing, how you can learn from your peak experiences, and how blocked chakras affect your health.

Balance Your Chakras with Anahata Ananda

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Anahata Ananda | You Were Born To Shine: Access Your Chakra Systems To Live A Thriving Life

Listen To Episode 545 As Anahata Ananda Uncovers:

[01:30] Inspiring People To Shine

[19:10] Intuition + Inner Knowing

  • How she learned to listen to what Shine wants instead of her ego.
  • Trusting your intuition and inner knowing.
  • How we are taught as children to oppress our inner knowing.
  • Why outsourcing truth from others makes us insecure.
  • How being told what to do without reasoning has an impact on all of the chakras.

[33:45] How Pain Motivates Us To Heal

  • Physical correlations of blocked chakras.
  • Why our coping mechanisms are not long-term strategies.
  • How we learn from our bloodline what we want and what we don't want for ourselves.
  • Why pain motivates us to do things differently than our parents.
  • The reason why the knowledge and tools we have make it our responsibility to contribute to evolution.
  • Why the first step to our healing is feeling ready to heal.
  • Anahata's first experience with breathwork.

[53:00] Learning From Your Peak Experiences

  • How hearing the truth can be the medicine.
  • Why releasing emotions isn't enough if you don't learn the lesson from the trauma or experience.
  • Everything can be our medicine or our poison.
  • Why not everybody is supposed to have a peak experience.
  • Learning from our peak lows and peak highs.
  • The importance of integration and searching for tools to help ourselves.
  • How Anahata healed her relationship with alcohol.

[01:10:10] What's Blocking Your Third Eye + How To Practice Self-Inventory

  • How to set boundaries and let go of what's not serving the new you.
  • Why the stimulus we receive all the time through our eyes is blocking our third eye.
  • Having the discipline to turn off the screen to turn on the soul screen.
  • 302 Mark Groves: Create The Love
  • Why we crave deep genuine connection.
  • How practicing self-inventory can help us realize what's bad for us.
  • Understanding what's keeping us stuck and unbalanced.
  • How money provides security for ourselves and our families.

Power Quotes From The Show

Physical Correlation of Blocked Energy

"We've learned from different experiences to shut down and bottle our emotions. The physical correlation of that energy being blocked or pushed down causes us to have digestive issues. And we have anger and resentment but we're not safe to share it. Then it's common to crave alcohol to put out that fire because there's no safe or healthy way to express anger and rage. This is where liver issues, stomach issues, and acidity starts to happen. And that creates more physical disease in the body.

If I believe that my voice doesn't matter, if I believe that I'm not safe, just the nervous system connecting to those beliefs starts a whole cascade of chemicals in the body where I don't feel safe. And so that in itself creates dissonance in the body and the organs and the glands start contracting because they're in fight or flight." - Anahata Ananda

It's Our Responsibility to Evolve

"We are evolving and we have more support: We have books, online programs, support groups, healing, transformation. We have tools that our grandparents and parents didn't have. Because of that we also have the responsibility to contribute to evolution." - Anahata Ananda

What Is Your Lesson?

"Too much indulgence in a thing, whether it's sex, or ayahuasca, or sugar, or alcohol. It's still the same clean-up process of taking accountability for this state of where I am and asking the question - not through guilt or shame: What is this showing me and what is the lesson here? And what support do I need to make a change if I'm ready to make a change?" - Anahata Ananda

Open Your Third Eye

"You're processing your external reality through what you can see rather than closing your eyes and seeing what's inside.When we don't use our third eye, when we don't connect with our crown, it's like not using a muscle - it begins to atrophy.

We're only receiving data from our human eyes which is like looking through the lens of truth through a straw and thinking that's all there is. Social media, Netflix, the news, the screen... This is the truth, this is reality.

We need to put away the screen that is funneling what agenda I should be prioritizing. If we don't have the discipline to say: I need to turn it off so that I can actually look at and perceive the soul's screen, the divine consciousness, the sixth chakra around perspective, and see the bigger picture. Because when we close the human eyes that look through a straw, now the third eye can see." - Anahata Ananda

Are You Ready to Transform?

"We're all having our own level of awareness and transformation, what we're willing to change and what we're not. And that's ok. It takes courage to be doing the work. We'll be ready for some of it and not ready for other. - Anahata Ananda

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About Anahata Ananda

anahata anandaAnahata Ananda blends the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman to guide profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening.

As a Certified High-Performance Coach, Shamanic Healer, and Soul Guide, Anahata has guided thousands of individuals through core life shifts, helping them to turn their life around and manifest the life of their dreams.

Anahata is the host of the internationally acclaimed Shamangelic Healing Podcast. She is the founder of Shamangelic Healing, based in Sedona Arizona, where she offers high-performance coaching, inspirational workshops, group retreats, private healing sessions, and online courses.