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Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

The Wellness + Wisdom Podcast is a global collective dedicated to mastering physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world.

In this podcast together we gather, apply and embody the wisdom needed for authentic well-being in the 21st century.

Each episode is artfully crafted to go an inch wide and a mile deep into the Pentagon of Wellness: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Financial.

Your host Josh Trent asks the questions no one else will ask to garner the truth about how to live a life of confidence, freedom, and optimal wellness—this is where together we walk the path of courage to cross the gap between knowing and doing.

Learn from world class leaders in the fields of physical intelligence, breathwork, emotional intelligence, behavior change, wellness, nutrition, behavioral psychology, habits, mindset, fitness, health, strength training, organic supplementation, biohacking, body transformation, psychedelics, mindfulness, meditation, neuroscience, mental health, spirituality, consciousness, the (7) pillars of wellness to live life well and (EI²)™ Emotional Intelligence + Inventory.

Aug 23, 2022

Turn off the news, really minimize social media, and don't look at your phone for the first hour of the day. Removing these kinds of things are absolutely vital before we have any hope in hell of understanding what we actually think. Whatever I'm getting emotionally charged at; that's a mirror for me in my self-growth and spiritual realization. I ask myself, 'How am I being a tyrant towards myself? Have I already enslaved myself? How am I censoring myself?' to find out what I can learn from my triggers and then the tyrants become our teachers. - JP Sears

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Wellness + Wisdom Episode 463

Comedian and Creator of the popular YouTube channels, Awaken with JP and JP Reacts, JP Sears, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast to discuss how he has been such a powerful voice of reason when the plandemic theatre began in 2020, to explain how he handles anger and censorship that is thrown his way, to explore the origins of gender dysphoria in America plus the power of human connection and how to stop outsourcing your power.

If you are someone that notices from time to time that inside of your mind lives a demanding dictator who tends to have a tyrannical radical bent...

or are someone who is deeply concerned with what you see as the loss of freedom and rise in censorship in America, this will be a truly life-changing conversation for you.

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