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Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

The Wellness + Wisdom Podcast is a global collective dedicated to mastering physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world.

In this podcast together we gather, apply and embody the wisdom needed for authentic well-being in the 21st century.

Each episode is artfully crafted to go an inch wide and a mile deep into the Pentagon of Wellness: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Financial.

Your host Josh Trent asks the questions no one else will ask to garner the truth about how to live a life of confidence, freedom, and optimal wellness—this is where together we walk the path of courage to cross the gap between knowing and doing.

Learn from world class leaders in the fields of physical intelligence, breathwork, emotional intelligence, behavior change, wellness, nutrition, behavioral psychology, habits, mindset, fitness, health, strength training, organic supplementation, biohacking, body transformation, psychedelics, mindfulness, meditation, neuroscience, mental health, spirituality, consciousness, the (7) pillars of wellness to live life well and (EI²)™ Emotional Intelligence + Inventory.

Aug 23, 2022

Turn off the news, really minimize social media, and don't look at your phone for the first hour of the day. Removing these kinds of things are absolutely vital before we have any hope in hell of understanding what we actually think. Whatever I'm getting emotionally charged at; that's a mirror for me in my self-growth and spiritual realization. I ask myself, 'How am I being a tyrant towards myself? Have I already enslaved myself? How am I censoring myself?' to find out what I can learn from my triggers and then the tyrants become our teachers. - JP Sears

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Wellness + Wisdom Episode 463

Comedian and Creator of the popular YouTube channels, Awaken with JP and JP Reacts, JP Sears, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast to discuss how he has been such a powerful voice of reason when the plandemic theatre began in 2020, to explain how he handles anger and censorship that is thrown his way, to explore the origins of gender dysphoria in America plus the power of human connection and how to stop outsourcing your power.

If you are someone that notices from time to time that inside of your mind lives a demanding dictator who tends to have a tyrannical radical bent...

or are someone who is deeply concerned with what you see as the loss of freedom and rise in censorship in America, this will be a truly life-changing conversation for you.

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Listen To Episode 463 As JP Sears Uncovers:

[1:30] Speak Your Truth & Stop Censoring Yourself

  • JP Sears
  • Awaken with JP on YouTube
  • JP Reacts on YouTube
  • Why JP was really the voice of reason for Josh when the CV 19 theatre began.
  • JP's first thoughts on CV19 and asking, 'Why is freedom becoming political?'
  •  The two types of people when facing stress: Those who stay stressed out and don't do anything compared to those who do take action and allow that stress to dissipate.
  • Josh and JP's shock at other wellness influencers and podcasters not speaking out about the mandates and control during CV 19.
  • Why it was surprising to see so many people be blocked by their fear-based compliance and then shame or intimidate other people for using their own critical thinking.

[12:30] Free Will & Dharma: Is Life Pre-Destined?

[22:30] Healthy Methods to Embrace & Connect with Our Feelings of Anger

  • How JP shifts his fuel source to come from a place of love with all of the energy he receives every day.
  • Healthy boundaries JP sets up for himself to not be brought down by other people and their negative energy.
  • Why JP feels more like a whole man now that he is a father and has the mission of creating a better future for Wilder.
  • Why living for someone else besides yourself is the greatest fuel source according to JP.
  • How JP is embracing his emotions of anger now (compared to ignoring them before) as a fuel source that pushes him in the direction of what he loves like a Father Gorilla or Mama Bear.
  • The fear JP used to have around anger that he wasn't willing to try and connect with it at all.
  • How JP has faced the backlash of cancel culture and why he uses humor to get his message across to people.
  • Why he believes we're pre-destined to express ourselves through different archetypes like the Joker or the Jester (in his example) for our  personal expression.
  • How JP balances the two worlds of humor and being serious in his teachings by being resourceful.

[33:00] Vital Lessons the Light & the Dark Teach Us

  • Unpacking the #MeToo movement, COVID-19, and how the pendulum has swung that it is greatly impacting ourselves and society.
  • Exploring the importance of the light and dark, pain and pleasure - why experiencing these opposites are vital for us to uncover who we are at our core.
  • Why it's so important for us to remember who we are again and not betray ourselves by swinging too far to one extreme.
  • You are the Universe - Alan Watts
  • How we can let ourselves be free through humor and why insecurity stops it in its tracks.
  • Why humor helps us be present in the moment and is a powerful expression of connection between two people.
  • Important lessons that many people have forgotten: we're loved no matter what and we matter as individuals
  • Why we substitute that knowledge with the amnesia that we need other people's approval.
  •  The fight, flight, faun, or freeze modes we automatically go to when we're afraid, insecure, or nervous.
  • PaleoF(x)
  • 167 Michelle Norris: From Healing & Growth To Paleo f(x)
  • 354 Keith Norris: Bread, Circuses, & Mind Control

[42:30] Humor from the Heart

[53:00] Fighting for Our Freedom

  • The saga of cancel culture and calling people conspiracy theorists when many of these ideas turned out to be true.
  • Dr. Robert Malone
  • Why the difference between a normal mind and a conspiracy theorist's is about 6 months.
  • JP's participation in leading the March Against Mandates Rally in Washington D.C. with 40,000 people of all different backgrounds and how that experience made his heart more whole.
  • Why the tyrants of this world cannot control you unless you actually allow them to do so.
  • The energy of freedom vs division that we're all witnessing in our world today.
  • Lessons from the Civil Right Movement and how it's helping people find their courage today to stand up for what they believe in.

[1:01:30] Taking a Look at Ourselves & Healing the Tyrant Within

  • The roles we all play in this universe and both of Josh and JP's missions to leave the world a better place for future generations.
  • How JP pauses and takes a closer look at himself when he gets emotionally charged and triggered by something.
  • Questions JP specifically asks himself including how he is censoring, punishing, or controlling himself when he gets triggered.
  • Why we're seeing more and more tyrants in the world because it is a perfect energetic match.
  • How we can shift our own energy when we see ourselves in the tyrants.
  • David R. Hawkins
  • Josh's own emotional journey in 2020 going through the different vibrations starting at the bottom with despair.

[1:05:30] The Genesis of Gender Dysphoria in America

  • Taking a close look at the gender dysphoria campaign that we are witnessing all over the world.
  • Mike Dillard
  • Exploring the genesis of gender dysphoria and why JP believes it's Marxism and an agenda to control and weaken people.
  • Mikki Willis
  • The war of the psyche and how people with good hearts and agendas are manipulated by others with bad intentions to comply and obey.
  • Reid Hoffman
  • How people's empathy can and are being hijacked today.
  • The incredible harm that can sometimes be done when we're trying to do good in the world.
  • Jordan B. Peterson | Article: Twitter Ban
  • Why it's beneficial for us to sit in our discomfort to grow and learn from it.
  • How JP knocks down the wall of deception with comedy to help the viewer see what there is to be seen and think for themselves.

[1:13:30] The Power of Human Connection: Tuning Into Our Hearts

  • What JP would say to people about their amygdala's being hijacked with all that is going on with mask mandates still such as in California and the mental health crisis that comes from it.
  • The power of human connection but also exploring our own thoughts and what we actually think plus what our hearts really want without the narrative manipulating us.
  • Why we start to suffer so much when there is a kink in our own energy field and we're out of alignment with our heart's guidance.
  • Exploring what constrictive energy like fear can teach us about ourselves and about life.
  • 411 Gay Hendricks | The Genius Zone: The Breakthrough Process to End Negative Thinking and Live in True Creativity
  • The importance of getting curious and becoming accustomed to that instead of aligning with fictitious expectations.
  • Why there's nothing wrong with being afraid or experiencing constrictive energy plus why it's amazing to embrace those feelings.

[1:18:50] How to Quit Outsourcing Your Thinking

  • What practical steps we can follow to help our mind, body, and heart be in greater alignment.
  • JP's favorite methods to tune in and stop outsourcing his thinking.
  • Why it is vital to get comfortable with the discomfort and open ourselves up to explore and experience the negative emotions, not just the positive ones.
  • How to find the courage to let our critical thinking and heart flow out to the rest of the world through our words and actions.
  • Why doing things that are uncomfortable like ice baths, hard workouts, and more are actually good for us and what is comfortable like eating a bunch of sugar or sitting on the couch all day are bad.
  • How to reframe your mindset and remember that what is uncomfortable, within reason, is good for you.
  • Why relationships will do so well and grow when we do have those uncomfortable talks with our significant other and hold space for them.
  • Exploring hard life decisions and moments in JP's life: Why they were hard in the moment but he benefits from them the most.
  • Why having a difficult conversation with someone is always the scariest thing for JP.
  • How JP started to get innovative when all of his comedy shows were canceled at the start of CV 19.

[1:26:30] The Metaverse: What Does it Mean for Humanity?

Power Quotes From The Show

Gender Dysphoria + The Current War of the Psyche

"We can do incredible harm while we're trying to do good. It can be so uncomfortable to see someone else uncomfortable that we want to help them. The method that we're doing to help people with gender dysphoria can be incredibly hurtful on them and that is very selfish of us to inflict hurt with our helping hand because we don't have the courage to experience our own discomfort." - JP Sears

How Human Connection Keeps Us in Alignment

"Human connection - we've been told it's the deadliest thing for us but I think it's the most enlivening thing for us. It reminds us who we really are and we need it. Part of that human connection is understanding, 'What do I actually think?' - Not just what your brain is thinking and the thoughts that are in there but what you actually think and what your hear wants. The more we can let our words and actions be congruent with what our thoughts are and what our heart's guidance is, the more peace and purpose we will feel. When that is out of alignment, we start to suffer." - JP Sears

Letting Go of Constrictive Energy

"To me, feeling nervous and constrictive energy is fear and a common denominator of maybe a lot of those fears is the fear of being who and how I really am in this moment. Will that be accepted by others; by myself? Will I get approval from my peers? I don't know how I will show up in the upcoming given moment so there can be fear of the unknown. The more we get accustomed to being curious of how we're going to show up rather than trying to align with a fictitious expectation, the more those constrictions go away." - JP Sears

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About JP Sears

JP Sears | This Is How Media HIJACKS Your Mind: Stop Censoring Yourself & Heal The Tyrant WithinJP Sears is a comedian who tours the country extensively doing stand-up comedy and publishing weekly online videos. His videos have been viewed more than 500 million times. In addition to inspiring laughter in a weird world, JP’s work takes an unapologetic stand for freedom, free speech, and encouraging people to free themselves from fear.

JP lives in Texas because of FREEDOM! There he’s set a world record for how much he loves his family. When he’s not making videos or performing on stage, JP spends his time passionately playing all out, scaring himself daily, and choosing to live guided by his own free will.

JP uses comedy to share "sincere life advice" and balances "the sincere and the satirical" while avoiding the idea that "you're either serious, like Deepak Chopra, or you're only joking around like a comedian”. Sears has rejected being categorized as either "sincere" or "humorous", explaining that he is both, and the premise of the question is like asking "do you have a right hand or do you have a left hand?"