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May 24, 2016

The Reality: Traveling Can Keep You From Being Healthy and Fit

When we're at home in our city and we have our weekly healthy routine, it's easy to focus on our goals, eat well, and get enough exercise. However, traveling can get in the way of ways and put us off course from continuing to be healthy and fit.

But, as Rob Dionne, Fitness Professional and host of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast, will explain in this podcast, you don't have to let traveling get in the way of being the healthiest that you can be at the end of the day. In fact, there are many small steps you can do before or during a trip to ensure that you stay focused on eating right and getting a workout in when you can while traveling.

5 Key Steps to Staying Fit & Healthy While Traveling

On today's show, Rob Dionne shares with us how to stay healthy when traveling with 5 key steps.

1. Call Ahead to Different Restaurants and Gyms in the Area

Use different online resources such as Yelp, Uber, and more to find and get to the restaurants that provide the food that you want to be eating to stay fresh and healthy.

If you're always traveling to the same city, keep that list of restaurants with you as a good resource for the future. In that list, including a couple of restaurants that are open late at night so you have the opportunity to eat healthy whenever you want.

2. Stop Playing the Victim Card

Take the time to do a quick workout in either your hotel room or gym. Continue to do exercises that you do on a regular basis at your gym or with your personal trainer. Take control of your situation to find time and space in the day to work out and eat healthy including taking the stairs at the airport or hotel rather than the escalator or elevator.

3. Bring Healthy Food with You When You Travel

Start your vacation strong by not throwing yourself off course with an unhealthy meal. It's very tempting to eat at fast food places while traveling via airport and on the go, but you can easily fix that by bringing your own healthy snacks with you through security and on the plane. Eating a meal before you travel will also help keep hunger pains at bay.

Make sure you keep up your water intake as well. No need to buy an expensive bottle of water at the duty-free section of the airport terminal. Just bring an empty water bottle and fill it up once you pass through security.

Before you leave for your trip, try to have some prepared food at home for quick and easy batch cooking. Traveling can be very hard on our stomachs and if you have pre cooked food or ingredients waiting at home for you in the freezer, you can cook a quick and healthy meal once you get back.

4. Know Yourself, Know Your Triggers

Know and address your triggers while planning for your trip. Think ahead of time about what food at the airport will make you want to eat unhealthy or why you will decide to not workout during your trip. When you understand yourself, you can plan what food to eat while you travel and when you can fit in some fitness to continue to stay in shape and reach your goals.

5. Create a Goal for Yourself

Sign up for an event or make a goal for yourself or with others so that you have an obligation to eat healthy and workout daily. With all fitness goals, be sure to set an end date that you can look forward to seeing health results.


Resources Mentioned in the Show

More about Rob Dionne

Rob is an NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer, also holding advanced specialist certifications in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement. Other certifications include Level 1 Rice Release Technique® practitioner as well as a proud Level 1 Crossfit Trainer! He is a life long athlete competing in swimming, wrestling, Brazilian ju jitsu, beach volleyball, marathons, triathlons and most recently men’s physique competitions.

In November 2013, Rob took 5th in the NPC World Championships and 1st in the INBA World Cup! With his extensive sports and fitness background, Rob has developed an effective workout program that incorporates sports movement and the mechanics of weight training in an outdoor setting, that is extremely fun, safe and effective.

Every individual has different needs and Rob is dedicated to helping his clients accomplish their personal goals.  Each workout program is designed specifically for the client’s needs.


Listen to Rob Share About:

  • His life journey from hunting game; acting in plays; beginning a healthy lifestyle; and his journey to becoming a personal trainer.
  • How empathy can help personal trainers really relate to and help their clients.
  • His transition to healthy eating based on his passion for cooking and nutrition.
  • His strategy to staying healthy and fit while traveling.
  • Self-awareness: How to check-in with ourselves and be mindful.

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