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Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

The Wellness + Wisdom Podcast is a global collective dedicated to mastering physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world.

In this podcast together we gather, apply and embody the wisdom needed for authentic well-being in the 21st century.

Each episode is artfully crafted to go an inch wide and a mile deep into the Pentagon of Wellness: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Financial.

Your host Josh Trent asks the questions no one else will ask to garner the truth about how to live a life of confidence, freedom, and optimal wellness—this is where together we walk the path of courage to cross the gap between knowing and doing.

Learn from world class leaders in the fields of physical intelligence, breathwork, emotional intelligence, behavior change, wellness, nutrition, behavioral psychology, habits, mindset, fitness, health, strength training, organic supplementation, biohacking, body transformation, psychedelics, mindfulness, meditation, neuroscience, mental health, spirituality, consciousness, the (7) pillars of wellness to live life well and (EI²)™ Emotional Intelligence + Inventory.

Jun 20, 2017

For episode 117 we're learning from the best of the best companies that intersect at the crossroads for the future of health and wellness technology.
This is a topic we’ve explored over the past 100+ shows on Wellness Force Radio, but for 117 we’re going the deepest we’ve ever gone to address the most important question around this type of technology, much more important than just technology itself:
How exactly can health and wellness technology including apps, wearables, smart garments, and smart devices truly help us get more physically and emotionally intelligent so we can live life well? 
This is a big question that will affect not just national, but global health, so this deserves some big answers. That’s why today on the podcast we're bringing you not just one, but three doctors and industry experts in the fields of smart garments, with Dr. Tim Brown, founder of IntelliSkin, in brain neuroplasticity and neuropriming, with Dr. Daniel Chao, Co-Founder of Halo Neuroscience, and how the future of doctors will care for patients at home is actually here right now, with Dr. Renee Dua, Co-Founder of Heal.
If you’re a tech-focused wellness enthusiast, or if you’re brand new to exploring how technology can help you in your wellness journey, you're equally going to love this episode...
Many of the concepts we’re discussing today are brand-new to the show, and we've handpicked these guests out of all the noise online to get clarity on what brands in wellness technology we can use today that will help secure better personal wellness for our future.

Listen To Episode 117 As Our Special Guests Uncover

Dr. Tim Brown – IntelliSkin

  • Using smart garments to retrain the body's awareness of its position in space
  • Upper Cross Syndrome: “Death By Chair”
  • How posture affects immunity, hormones, breath, and overall health and what we can do about it
  • The 3 areas we all must keep flexible and why: ankle dorsiflexion, hip mobility, thoracic spine mobilization

Dr. Daniel Chao – Halo Neuroscience

  • Why professional sports teams are using Halo Sport with Halo Neuroscience
  • What is “neuropriming”  (tDCS, transcranial direct current stimulation) and what does it do for human performance
  • How a 20 minute application in the electric field will induce temporary state of “hyperlearning”
  • Breaking the 10,000 hour mastery rule: With tDCS, new skill acquisition may be possible to learn in half the time

Dr. Renee Dua – Heal App

  • Why emergency rooms in the United States are beyond capacity and how Heal is changing the current paradigm of patient care
  • What is the future of medical doctors delivering care on-call and insurance reimbursement
  • How mHealth and health and wellness technology like Heal are disrupting the medical world forever
  • What are the patient benefits of having doctors on call through a mobile app vs. current facility-only care models

Resources From Dr. Tim Brown

Resources From Dr. Daniel Chao

Resources From Dr. Renee Dua

About Our Featured Guests

Dr. Tim Brown, Founder, IntelliSkin

IntelliSkin inventor, Dr. Tim Brown, grew to understand his future creation while working as the medical director on the ASP surf and AVP volleyball tours during the 1980’s. As an early innovator in functional taping, he developed a hybrid kinesiology technique known as SPRT (Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping). Used on everyone from Olympians to NFL players, the technique quickly became a staple in the athletic world as it allowed injured athletes to compete despite their injuries.
Dr. Brown’s instinctive techniques got athletes asking for taping remedies so often, that he needed something that could do the job when he wasn’t there. Many late nights of trial and error using remnants of old wetsuits and rash guards, he devised a wearable technology that mimicked his taping technique. Dr. Brown’s goal was to take what he had learned in designing and come up with a comfortable, Smart Compression shirt that would clinically improve posture and spinal alignment for everyone, whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior. Dr. Brown’s ultimate goal is to help everybody to look better, feel better and perform better. He continues to pursue that goal every day.
Dr. Daniel Chao, Co-Founder, Halo Neuroscience
Daniel Chao is a neurotech entrepreneur, specializing in devices that improve brain performance. Currently, Dan is co-founder and CEO of Halo Neuroscience, a venture-backed human performance company based in San Francisco. The company's first product, Halo Sport, is the world's first neurostimulation system built specifically for athletes.
Prior to Halo, Dan was the head of business development at NeuroPace, where he helped raise $250M in capital to develop the world's first closed-loop neuromodulation device, winning FDA approval for the treatment of epilepsy in a unanimous 13-0 vote. Before NeuroPace, Dan was a consultant at McKinsey & Company in the New York office, and he received his M.D. and M.S. in neuroscience from Stanford University.
Renee Dua, Co-Founder, Heal
Dr. Renee Dua is Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Heal – an LA-based start-up providing on-demand house call medicine. Dr. Dua is a Board certified nephrologist and internal medicine doctor who has served as Chief of Medicine at Valley Presbyterian and Simi Valley Hospital. After building a thriving private practice and also teaching medicine at UCLA, Dr. Dua embarked on her greatest adventure, being mom to her first child, a now 15-month old little boy.
It was her son that led her to create Heal, because she knew moms and dads everywhere needed an easier way to see a doctor. As a mom-doctor doing her first start-up, Dr. Dua often jokes she’s a doctor-mom-preneur. Dr. Dua resides in the Pacific Palisades with her husband and son.



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