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Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

The Wellness + Wisdom Podcast is a global collective dedicated to mastering physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world.

In this podcast together we gather, apply and embody the wisdom needed for authentic well-being in the 21st century.

Each episode is artfully crafted to go an inch wide and a mile deep into the Pentagon of Wellness: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Financial.

Your host Josh Trent asks the questions no one else will ask to garner the truth about how to live a life of confidence, freedom, and optimal wellness—this is where together we walk the path of courage to cross the gap between knowing and doing.

Learn from world class leaders in the fields of physical intelligence, breathwork, emotional intelligence, behavior change, wellness, nutrition, behavioral psychology, habits, mindset, fitness, health, strength training, organic supplementation, biohacking, body transformation, psychedelics, mindfulness, meditation, neuroscience, mental health, spirituality, consciousness, the (7) pillars of wellness to live life well and (EI²)™ Emotional Intelligence + Inventory.

Feb 20, 2018

Emotions are meant to pass through; they're not meant to stay. If you avoid your emotions or try to forget about them through food, then they'll still continue to be with you. Process your emotions and let them out.  - Liz Germain

What has helped you through a difficult moment in order to find your happiness?

Do you tend to turn towards yourself, a trusted individual, or a community when you need it the most?



In Wellness Force Radio episode 171, Master Trainer, Video Influence Pro and Co-Founder of Super Sister Fitness, Liz Germain shares how she has worked through her inner struggles with self-love and food, has embraced the power of community, and has realized the importance of giving yourself the permission to embrace your emotions.

Get ready to rewrite your journey because life doesn't happen to you, but through you. 

Get Healthy With Super Sister Fitness

Liz's mission at Super Sister Fitness is to help women worldwide find their true strength from the inside out. She's here to supercharge your mind, body & spirit so you can live the life of your dreams.

This is not just another fitness site. This is a transformational lifestyle community full of women just like you who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Whether for you that means overcoming depression, beating eating disorders, getting fit, making new connections or just learning how to cook delicious healthy food that will make you feel like a million bucks every day — you’ve come to the right place.

I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals, and I'm here for you every step of the way.

Super Sister Fitness

Listen To Episode 171 As Liz Germain Uncovers:

  • Why 2017 was so difficult for her and what she has in store for herself in 2018.
  • Both her and her sister's poor eating habits growing up and how they were able to get better together.
  • Why life doesn't happen to you, but through you.
  • Her experience witnessing her father having a heart attack and how that affected her relationship with food.
  • How moving from Michigan to California helped her change her life around and focus on her health.
  • Why getting super thin and losing weight is not the answer to all your dilemmas and dreams.
  • The moment she realized that she wasn't giving herself the self-care she deserved because she was basing her own happiness on what society wanted.
  • How her ex-high school boyfriend's suicide impacted and shaped her relationship with food and eventually led her to become the healthy person that she is today.
  • Why you can either see mortality as something heavy or view it as truth.
  • How she and her sister, Sara, got into strength training and ended up co-founding Super Sisters Fitness.
  • How she's become more in tune with her feminine side and using that energy to motivate herself.
  • Why the calories-in, calories-out model doesn't work from a standpoint of bringing you energy.
  • Using the Thought, Feel, Action model to help you discover which thoughts lead you to certain feelings and specific actions.
  • The women in her life who are helping her continue to improve her focus on wellness goals.
  • Whether or not you need a community to make improvements or if you can do it on your own.
  • The difference between listening with your head or with your heart.
  • Why you have permission to feel your feelings because no one owes you anything.
  • Her victim story and how she came to realize that she doesn't have to identify with it anymore.

Power Quotes From The Show

"Anyone can be a Super Sister. The concept of Super Sister Fitness is that you get to choose to be the woman that helps and inspires other women and yourself to stay motivated, healthy, and get happy the right way no matter what and whatever that means to you." - Liz Germain

"Knowing the immense pain that comes with losing someone you love pushed me more and more towards living a healthier life, which to me at the time just meant not being overweight and unhappy anymore.” - Liz Germain

"We're so used to just pushing our emotions down because it's not normal to talk about feelings. It's been normal for us to pretend we're not feeling sadness or anger and just wear these masks instead. Fortunately, it is possible to learn new coping mechanisms for negative emotions that do come up." - Liz Germain

"Strength training is essential in some way, shape, or form for everyone. You just can't avoid it. The body needs to be trained and it needs muscle." - Liz Germain

"All you really need is to become committed to becoming your absolute best self; whatever that looks like for you. So, if the best version of yourself likes to indulge sometimes, that's fine. I still do that from time to time as well. Remember that your intentions don't have to be "all or nothing," but make decisions that help you feel happy. A positive mindset will help you reach your peak." - Liz Germain

Links From Today's Show:

About Liz Germain

Liz Germain

Co-Founder of Super Sister Fitness, master trainer, and handstand fanatic, Liz Germain was expertly trained as a part of UCLA’s Fitness Leadership Program and worked for several years as a Physical Therapy Aide in Santa Monica, California.

With an extensive background training special populations and elite athletes, Liz is a pro at putting together programs for women of all fitness levels. She will get your body moving and grooving in ways you would’ve never thought possible.

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