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Dec 22, 2020

All cattle are grass-fed and spend about 80% of their life on pasture eating forage and grass which is their species-specific diet and helps maximize the nutritional profile of the meat. But then probably 98 to 99% of the cattle are then sent to a feedlot during the last few months of their lives where they're fed predominantly nothing but genetically modified corn and soy. So, the label, ‘grass-fed' isn't lying to you because the cattle are grass-fed but then they leave out the part where it has been grain-finished. A person will trust that label thinking they're buying a nutritionally superior product but most of the time they're not. – Eugene Trufkin


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Wellness Force Radio Episode 377

Owner of Trufkin Athletics, Author of the Anti-Factory Farm Shopping Guide, and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, Eugene Trufkin, explains the food industry's confusion by design strategies, how to make conscious food choices even in a food desert, how to look at food labels especially for grass-fed meat and poultry, and how growing high quality-grown food can actually heal the planet.


Why is it so hard to find healthy food even when you want it?

Discover the real truth of the food industry when it comes to their connection to pharmaceuticals, labels such as "Product of the USA," and their organic certification process.


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Listen To Episode 377 As Eugene Trufkin Uncovers:


[1:30] How Accurate Are Grass-Fed Food Labels?


[19:00] Confusion By Design Within The Food Industry


[28:30] Eating Healthy In A Food Desert

  • What sources you can turn to if you live in a food desert.
  • How to get a really good deal on your grass-fed meat orders.
  • Why you should consider bulk ordering grass-fed meat instead of taking the time to drive to a store that has it.
  • The fact that sometimes you also have to be wary about the food you're buying from smaller farmers.
  • Why it's so important that farmers do rotational grazing to ensure their land maintains its own food source and minerals in the soil.
  • What chickens and turkeys should actually be fed because they're actually omnivores meanwhile the common problem we see with them being grain-fed.
  • The real difference in prices he has seen from those who buy from the higher end Sprouts Farmers Market and supermarkets.
  • Why people who eat organic tend to spend less money overall on non-essential goods compared to those who eat out a lot or shop less consciously.
  • How to stop spending thousands of dollars a year on a lower quality of life.


[42:30] Food Is Information For The Body

  • Shawn Stevenson
  • Why food is information for our body.
  • The laws of nature and why we're totally ignoring her when we eat processed food that is making us sick.
  • What starts to happen to our physiology if we start to eat foods that aren't helping us stay healthy.
  • The problems that vegetarians run into when they eat fruits and vegetables that have been grown with chemicals and other poor farming practices.
  • Teri Cochrane
  • How the poor farming practice of confined animal operations will lead to confined animal operations from three variables.
  • The fact that all pesticides today are systemic so they get embedded in the flesh of the fruits and vegetables which we can't even wash off.
  • How chemical testing and approval of agriculture works in the US.
  • What most people don't know about the pesticides and chemicals used in the agriculture industry.
  • The Myths of Safe Pesticides by André Leu
  • Hydroponics: What it is and the fact that the USA is the only country to certify it as USDA organic.
  • The problem with using hydroponics and genetic selection in agriculture practices.
  • Why the color of the carrots you buy actually matters for the number of nutrients it contains.


[55:00] Why Practices For Raising Chicken Are More Deceiving Than For Beef

  • The truth about free-range chicken in the farming industry.
  • How short the farming cycle of chickens actually is.
  • Just how confined chickens really are, from those that lay eggs to the ones we eat, when when we look at the actual dimensions.
  • What vegetarian-fed actually means and why it's a dead giveaway that the chickens are confined while alive.
  • What people should specifically be on the lookout for when purchasing chicken meat or eggs.


[1:02:00] How To Be More Food Conscious



Power Quotes From The Show

Where Is Our Meat Actually Coming From?


"In a competitive market, a lot of these ranchers now have international as well as local competitors because 90% of the beef sold in the US comes from overseas. You may even find products in Trader Joe's that are sourced from 5 different countries. They may say, "Product of the USA," but here's the thing with that claim; I can buy carcasses from Mexico, import them into California, cut them up and process them into packaging here and then legally claim them as "Product of the USA" because it's been processed in the USA." - Eugene Trufkin


The Truth About Organic Label Claims


"What organic beef basically means, for the most part, is the product comes from a factory-farmed operation where they feed the cows nothing but organic grains but even that's questionable these days because a lot of it is coming from corrupted brokers from overseas like Ukraine and Turkey. The grain is literally the only difference between just a factory farm operation where they would feed them genetically modified corn and soy. So, even if you buy something with a USDA Organic label claim, although it may be fed with grains, you don't even know if those grains are organic." - Eugene Trufkin

Why Is It So Hard To Eat Healthy?

"My book, Anti-Factory Farm Shopping Guide, is for people who want to make better conscious food choices but the whole point of the book is to show readers just how difficult it has become. I run into people in the holistic health circles who are trying to optimize their health physically and mentally yet you still see them running into these mistakes constantly. People are buying a product, trusting the label or the claims, and just buying it for years and years on end thinking they're getting the maximum nutrition profile from that food group but they're simply not. My research on this started because I just wanted to buy some healthy eggs and it was incredibly impossible just to find something so simple and basic." - Eugene Trufkin


Links From Today's Show 


About Eugene Trufkin

Eugene Trufkin | The Anti-Factory Farm Shopping Guide: How Big Food is Owned by Big PharmaOwner of Trufkin Athletics, Eugene Trufkin is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, OC Fat Loss Trainer, and Author of "Laws of Aesthetics" and “Anti-Factory Farm Shopping Guide”. He is dedicated to helping those that are interested in off-grid living, biodynamic farming, mental/physical health, a minimalist lifestyle, and exploring.

About The Anti-Factory Farm Shopping Guide

This comprehensive video series and book is meant for anyone who is interested in transitioning from factory-farmed food to organic and hopefully, one day, biodynamic – but at the same time feels confused by all the labels, and even whether organic food is any better than factory-farmed food. With entertaining illustrations, videos, and very light reading, the "Anti-Factory Farm Shopping Guide" covers the following topics:

-Differences between caged, cage-free, free-range, and pasture-raised meats and eggs

-How to easily identify genetically-modified foods

-Why factory-farmed meats cause inflammation

-The myth of safe pesticides

-Differences between factory-farmed, organic, and biodynamic fruits and vegetables

-Why seeing “vegetarian feed” on a label is actually a bad thing, even if it’s organic

-Importance of staying away from farmed fish

-How to source quality water and supplements

And much more.

To enhance learning and make it all as simple as possible, this book comes with free video instructions and other extended learning materials. Eugene's intention is for you to spend less time reading and more time taking action.


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