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Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

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Dec 15, 2021

Trauma is just the word that we are using right now to describe this phenomenon but this has been happening as far back as we can trace recorded history. The Mystics in India had a different name for it and I truly think that when they are speaking about attachment, they're speaking about trauma. Our attachment to something, our attachment to the memory of the past, attachment to the future, our ability to be with ourselves to sit in stillness and experience our bodies. It's all the same thing...

...So, what do we have to do? Slowly and methodically address the body's memory and help it to create a new form. Help it to discover itself. As soon as I notice that I am out of balance, my body will bring me back into balance because it's natural. - Will Rezin

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Wellness Force Radio Episode 427

Somatic Coach & Trainer and Trauma Integration Specialist at Trauma & Somatics, Will Rezin, breaks down the various levels of trauma, why healing takes time, how to prevent trauma from lingering within us, the road to healing bipolar disorder plus the nuances of somatic experiencing and how to use it to come back home to ourselves.

How can you uncover and heal hidden trauma within the body?

Join us as Will shares in-depth how we can heal trauma and somatics, how to know if psychedelics and plant medicine ceremonies are right for you, and other alternatives for healing PSTD.


Trauma & Somatics Practitioner Certificate



Together We're Creating A Trauma-informed World.

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Trauma and Somatics is a live, in-depth professional training program designed specifically for educators, helping professionals, and individuals to deepen their awareness of trauma physiology and build the skills necessary for their work with clients who have a history of trauma.

This unique program provides a solid foundation to support your clients through stressful periods of their lives. If you are passionate about helping your clients cultivate inner strength and resilience so they can meet whatever life brings their way, Trauma and Somatics is for you.


Listen To Episode 427 As Will Rezin Uncovers:

[1:30] Breaking Down the Various Levels of Trauma


[10:30] How to Prevent Trauma from Lingering Within Us

  • The fact that we are way more animal than we are psyche and Will explains why.
  • How physical movement like dancing or exercise helps us, like animals, to discharge the extra energy that we're carrying and prevent any trauma from happening.
  • Why stuck energy and stuck trauma varies from person to person including what happens to us and how we handle it.
  • How epigenetics plays a role in how we process our own trauma and emotions.
  • The importance of addressing our own problems first before focusing on healing outside of ourselves.
  • Why chaos is trying to find order otherwise we wouldn't have dualities like love and fear.
  • The deep journey that Josh did for the first time in 2 years with ketamine and why this meeting with Will was perfect timing.
  • Why you shouldn't just go out and do something like ketamine or plant medicine before doing the deep inner work with tools like therapy, breathwork, and meditation first.


[13:40] Somatic Experiencing

  • Breaking down what somatics and somatic experiencing are and how they're applied to the healing journey.
  • How somatic healing helps the body resolve trapped trauma.
  • The process of somatic healing and how it is used to uncover the entire picture of a person so that we can know what should be stimulated, supported, structured, and changed.
  • How Josh's 5-month old son, Novah, has impacted Josh's own evolution.
  • The revolution that Josh had about himself and why he finds it so hard to hold himself the same way that he holds Novah.
  • Alan Watts
  • Will's own process of unfoldment he experienced because of the different challenges he faced in his early years.
  • Josh and Will's shared characteristic of being curious and always asking, "Why?"
  • Will's interest in his Nordic, Celtic, Druidic background and learning about his ancestor's culture and rituals which then led him to more esoteric traditions like alchemy.
  • His revelation that esoteric traditions and how we connect with our environment and one another are present as well in all religious practices.


[24:00] Coming Back Home to Ourselves

  • Paul Chek | All is God
  • Exploring the concept of God and our existence in this universe.
  • Zooming out and looking at us humans as organisims to bring up the curiosity of how we grow in relationship with our environment and both respond and adapt to it.
  • How we can pivot our focus to be more present and feel more alive in this very moment.
  • Anthony de Mello
  • Breaking down how anxiety and depression pull us out of the present moment.
  • Why our ability to change happens over time, not right away and we've forgotten this.


[30:00] How to Heal with Trauma Somatics

  • How we grow slowly and methodically with new changes.
  • Why tapping into the body's memories can help us grow and help it create a new form.
  • How the body will naturally bring us back into balance when we need it
  • The body's self-righting mechanism that is always working to keep us balanced and sometimes that looks like significant dysfunction as it works overtime to help us.
  • What we can do now to help our body help us get back into balance: remove the barriers to help us become more aware.


[32:30] Healing Bipolar Disorder

  • Exploring what bipolar disorder is, which Josh's mom has, and how it can be a coping mechanism.
  • Why the body finds it difficult to regulate itself when a person is experiencing bipolar disorder symptoms.
  • The psychological reflection in the way a person's thoughts represent the state of the body and they mirror it.
  • Benefits of working with a somatic experiencing practitioner to help regulate one's mind and body if they have these symptoms.
  • Why healing outcomes of working with a somatic experiencing practitioner will depend on the person, their age, environment, and support system.
  • The importance of beginning the healing process sooner than later when you start to notice patterns that need your attention.
  • Unpacking what glutamate is in the brain and its function as a key neural transmitter.
  • Why we shouldn't put the responsibility on the individual because they feel ashamed of not having the strength or awareness to ask for help.
  • How to create an environment that provides enough safety that the individual can begin to be more aware of themselves.
  • Jiddu Krishnamurti


[38:00] How to Navigate the Road to Healing Oneself

  • The power of coming together asking "What do we do?" to solve the mental health crisis despite our cultural differences in being and healing.
  • Why it will take hundreds if not thousands of years for our world to change but we have the power to make a difference now.
  • Jason Silva
  • Why what happens to us from the time we're born to age 7 can profoundly impact our adult life.
  • The fact that so many of the people out there that need to heal are the ones that are making fun of it.
  • Breaking down why the number one thing we need when we're young before the hippocampus is developed is a safe, social connection.
  • Why healing happens in relationships and it happens across time, not all at once.
  • How physical contact can be very supportive for our systems.
  • The honest fact that we all have trauma we need to heal
  • Peter A. Levine, PhD
  • Dr. Stephen Porges


[45:30] Listening and Honoring the Intelligence Inside of Ourselves

  • What steps we can take to begin to be aware of the intelligence inside of ourselves.
  • Anthony de Mello
  • Exploring the trauma that we see in all facets of life from marketing and selling to education and government.
  • Will's belief that humans have 3 basic needs: safety, dignity, and belonging.
  • Why being more aware of ourselves will help us be more aware of other people and thus connect on a deeper level with them.
  • The skillful unpacking of trauma through the example of titration.
  • Why it's a slow, careful continuous process to unpack trauma and balance the body.
  • How to use wellness tools like breathwork, plant medicine, and psychedelics correctly - in small doses with time afterward to reflect and integrate.
  • Why you shouldn't do something like Kambo every single day without a break because that's not true healing.
  • Josh's bad experience with a plant medicine ceremony and the trauma it created for him.
  • Explaining what the myotonic movement is in the body and its important function for releasing stuck energy.


[59:00] Are Psychedelics and Plant Medicine Ceremonies Actually Necessary?

  • 405 Tim Corcoran
  • 137 Dr. Tim Brown
  • The power of healing PTSD and trauma with psychedelics and plant medicine; possibly with faster results.
  • Josh's extensive experience working with somatic practitioners to help him heal.
  • What inspires Will to continue doing the work he does and what makes him stand out from other practitioners.
  • The fact that Will isn't in the work he does for money or fame but because somebody has to do it.
  • Will's personal experiences navigating life, pain, fear, and difficulties.
  • What he's discovered about esoteric culture and how we can apply that to the wellness journey.
  • How to really be "in the living" rather than above it or move away from it.
  • Timothy Leary
  • Terence McKenna
  • Hunter S. Thompson
  • The Diary Of A Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley
  • The extreme depths that Will did himself with psychedelics over long periods of time.
  • Why psychedelics and plant medicine ceremonies might not actually be necessary because they can end up creating more confusion for us.


[1:08:00] Who is I?

  • Eckhart Tolle
  • Unpacking The Watcher and The Observer during a healing journey.
  • How we can become more aware of ourselves by first becoming aware of our body and the distinctions in our emotional states.
  • A simple practice to help you become more in tune with your present environment and thus your body and how you feel.
  • Be aware of how we change over time and the different versions of ourselves in the course of a lifetime.
  • Why Will loves questions without answers because then he's always discovering new things.
  • Exploring how so many career paths like those in the C-suite can be driven by trauma and having a nervous system that is constantly sympathetic.
  • What steps you can take to develop a "strong me" so that you do not become whatever anyone tells you to be.


[1:15:30] Myths & Truths of Psychedelics

  • Field Trip Health
  • Josh's middle way approach to psychedelics after meeting with many practitioners.
  • A breakdown of different psychedelic treatments.
  • Common myths and misconceptions about psychedelics.
  • Why you don't need to take psychedelics all of the time and why this treatment isn't for everyone.
  • Key guidelines for preparation, taking the medicine, and integration after psychedelics.
  • Why healing sometimes takes 2-3 years of consistent work.
  • What inner work truly looks like and why it can never be a quick fix.
  • How to choose the right facility to help you with the preparation and integration of psychedelics and plant medicine.
  • The power of psychedelics or somatic work to remove our blockages to uncover the wisdom that we had all long.
  • Why we all need to be aware of unearned wisdom that we're not yet ready to hold or integrate.


[1:22:00] Healing at the Speed of Nature

  • The power of psychedelics or somatic work to remove our blockages to uncover the wisdom that we had all long.
  • Why we all need to be aware of unearned wisdom that we're not yet ready to hold or integrate.
  • How Will and his team help individuals address working with altered states of consciousness whether that's breathwork or psychedelics.
  • The difference between trauma-aware and trauma-informed plus how it shows up in the body.
  • What can happen with an individual if their practitioner is not trauma-trained including over-stimulation which is quite dangerous.
  • Why true integration isn't showy like Tony Robbins; it's subtle and gentle.
  • What is unique about Will's approach with trauma and somatics compared to other methods.
  • Dr. Dan Siegel
  • Deb Dana
  • Diane Poole Heller
  • Exploring how we can befriend death and make peace with it rather than be afraid of it.
  • Facing Death with Stephen Jenkinson
  • How we create a resistance to living because we're afraid of dying.
  • Next steps you can take if you want to work with Will on a deep level to help you heal your trauma.
  • Somatic Experiencing International
  • Directory: Somatic Experiencing International


Power Quotes From The Show

The Threat of Trauma to Humanity's Evolution

"We're not broken, we've had to adapt as we evolve to our environment but literally the largest problem that humanity has ever faced in its history - the cause of all other problems is our unprocessed trauma because it prevents us from experiencing our aliveness and it desensitizes us to life, to other humans, to our environment so we walk around disconnected, not really feeling that aliveness, the world, ourselves, or each other and what does that lead to? Destruction of the environment, destruction of ourselves, torture, and war. We can point to all of the other characteristics that might spring up out of that but all of these are symptoms and we're trying to put out of the fire but we're not addressing the volcano that's causing the fire." - Will Rezin


Move at the Pace of Nature

"We put a lot of our faith into something; whether that may be a drug, an experience, or working with a certain kind of practitioner assuming it will give us the answer we need for the rest of our lives. No. Move at the pace of nature. Life is an ongoing journey of unfolding, rearranging, and growing. There is no place to arrive. There is only a continuous movement of change and if we let go of the idea that something will help us arrive or give us the answer, then it might give us the opportunity to actually change." - Will Rezin


Shaking Off Living Memories of Trauma

"We are far more animal than we are psyche. Movement like dancing discharges the extra energy that we are carrying and helps prevent any trauma from happening. Trauma is the lingering of it; it's that living memory. We can prevent any memory from living on by allowing our body what it needs to do instead of inhibiting it. If i stop myself from experiencing an emotion, what happens to that emotion? Emotions are energy in motion but if I stop that process then it becomes stored within. Over time if I suppress feelings of anger constantly, I will become depressed. Depression is anger turned inward. It's an unexpressed and unprocessed survival response." - Will Rezin


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About Will Rezin

Will Rezin | Trauma & Somatics: How To Heal Without Getting Stuck & The Myths About Psychedelic Therapy For PTSDWill Rezin is a mystic, philosopher, somatic coach & trainer, and trauma integration specialist who guides individuals on the often mystical and winding journey of waking up to their own aliveness.

Will integrates 21 years of inner work, esoteric inquiry, and cultural research with 13 years of professional experience in the healing arts. Everything Will does supports his personal mission to end human suffering, and his professional mission to bring trauma-informed care into the mainstream so that it can be available to everyone who needs it, without stigma or exclusion.