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Wellness Force

Your host, Josh Trent, spotlights world-class experts in the fields of physical and emotional intelligence, mindset, behavior change, supplementation, nutrition, health, wellness, fitness, and technology that empower you with actionable steps for your wellness journey.

After struggling with anxiety, depression, and weight gain in adolescence, in 2004 Josh let go of over 75 pounds and transformed his life by becoming a health and fitness professional that would coach over 12,000 sessions and evolve into one of the top wellness influencers on iTunes.

In this podcast together, we discover the connections between our emotions and healthy habits to live our best life and enjoy the process. Every week, you'll learn from exceptional people who have dedicated their lives to being a positive force for our global collective.

Deeper topics include: Physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, behavior change, wellness, behavioral psychology, habits, mindset, fitness, health, strength training, organic supplementation, bio-hacking, body transformation, psychedelics, digital health, quantified self, mHealth, wearable technology and more.

Dec 20, 2019

Wake Up Transformation Project on Wellness Force Radio: How do we let go of self SABOTAGE in a world that profits from our insecurity?

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About the wake up tribe: We create authentic self love and daily courage in our lives by supporting each other and doing the work everyday.

We are inspired, optimistic, and happy about who we are. We appreciate the people in our lives and wonder at the possibilities of what life has to offer.

We know we are more capable than we originally thought and the interviews with the world changers in Wake Up are proof that we are worthy and that anyone can do this. Their journeys shine a spotlight on three truths: You are capable, you are worthy, and you deserve to love your life and be happy.

Feldmann Sheehan’s directing career started with a series of short documentary pieces on healthcare for designer Donna Karan’s philanthropic foundation, Urban Zen. Feldmann Sheehan also functioned as the foundation’s Executive Producer responsible for media.

During the two years of establishing the Urban Zen brand alongside Karan, Feldmann Sheehan worked with a who’s who of the world of Western medicine such as Mehmet Oz, Woody Merrill, and celebrities such as Edie Falco, Michael J. Fox, Richard Gere, Christy Turlington, and the most respected yoga gurus in the Western world including: Rodney and Colleen Saidman Yee, Mary Dunn, Gary Kraftsow, Richard Freeman and motivational authors and speakers Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins. Feldmann Sheehan’s documentary feature debut was “Mr. Prince” fro OvationTV about the legendary Broadway director and producer Hal Prince.

Feldmann Sheehan was recently the President of the Board of The Emelin Theatre in Mamaroneck New York. She helped initiate the theatre’s Next Stage Capital Campaign, and was instrumental in developing its sold-out film series, which has brought artists such as Frank Oz, Penelope Cruz, Pedro Almodovar, Kevin Costner, Guillermo Del Toro and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu to pre-screen films such as “Babel”, “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “Volver” and “Mr. Brooks” and to conduct Q & A’s with the audience.

Feldmann Sheehan attended Bedales School and graduated from Wellesley College. She is an avid goldsmith, cook and gardener.  


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