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Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

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Dec 22, 2022

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 504

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast Host and Wellness Force Media CEO, Josh Trent, shares what the true essence of vibrations is.

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In this solocast, you will learn:

  • The globe vibrates at a herz frequency.
  • How our emotions affect our vibrations.
  • What it means that emotions dictate our physiology.
  • Everything you need to know about an emotional frequency chart.
  • Why each of our emotions has its own frequency.
  • How understanding the emotional frequency chart can make you a better human.
  • David Hawkin's research to develop the emotional scale.
  • How a higher allows us to express our true nature.
  • Most of us fluctuate between different frequencies all day long.
  • What resting metabolic rate (RMR), non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), and heart rate variability (HRV) are.
  • How unprocessed trauma leads to hypervigilance and how we project onto others what we feel about ourselves.
  • What it takes to overcome low-frequency emotional states.
  • Why low vibrations make it harder for us to be loving.
  • The importance of looking within us with love and compassion.
  • How to identify what frequency you spend most of your time at.


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Listen To Episode 504 As Josh Trent Uncovers The Connection Between Emotional Frequency, HRV, And RMR


[00:00] Levels Of Consciousness

We've all heard the phrase "your vibe attracts your tribe", but what does that actually mean? What the heck is vibration? Today on Solocast, I'm going to answer that question in depth and so much more.

As I talk about the true essence behind frequency. We all know about the levels of consciousness that we've heard about with the lower self-being 20 resonating shame or 1,000 for consciousness when you look at David Hawkins's work.

But beyond Hawkins's work in the levels of consciousness, what does it mean when your nervous system, your mind, and really the essence of your soul get a good gut feeling or a bad guy feeling about a person, place, or thing?

By the end of the Solocast, my promise to you is that you'll have a true understanding of Hawkins's levels of consciousness, how this relates to your own personal life, and most importantly what you can do with this concept of vibration to bring you more fulfillment in the five aspects of your wellness pentagon.

If you're joining us for the first time, this may or may not be the best place for you to start you can check out our full guest interviews every Tuesday and on Thursdays, we do this Solocast, which is like the mental musings where I get to pontificate and project all the things that I am fascinated about when it comes to wellness.

So if you're a wellness dork or if you're an enthusiast like me, every single episode on Thursday is going to be really really good because it's just me going forward with notes and kind of off-the-cuff, really authentic, sometimes vulnerable. I've cried in a few Solocasts, which is a good thing, especially for men.


[01:50] Emotional Frequency Scale

So you heard that right? Everybody has a vibe that impacts us. What does frequency actually mean? Are you aware that in the world the globe vibrates at a hertz frequency that's either subtle, imperceptible, or corresponds to an individual vibration? Sometimes unnoticeable. You read that correctly.

Everybody has a basal metabolic rate (BMR) and the rest but when life events occurred, and emotions are involved this vibrational rate changes dramatically and quickly.

So, just like a child, which is the best way to learn; approach things with a heart and mind of a child, and as an adult with your own life experience, the big question for me is when it comes to frequency or emotional frequency: What is the missing link between heart rate variability, resting metabolic rate, otherwise known as RMR, and vibration to create vibrant health?

Essentially, what can we learn about heart rate variability, resting metabolic rate, and the emotional frequency scale, or vibration in order for us to connect the dots and create better health from how our emotions dictate, and vice versa, our physiology?

The snake eating its tail... Due to its potential to really make you a better version of yourself, it's crucial to comprehend the emotional frequency chart.

Let's talk about this, I'm going to reference this at There is a map here from to give them credit, it is a wonderful map. At the bottom of it is shame, at the top, it is full consciousness.

What does that really mean? It means that every emotion has a frequency that it vibrates at and that we experience. In other words, a level of consciousness.

emotional frequency vibration

I believe that Hawkins measured this in consciousness but you and I can also measure this in hertz. Hertz is something that tracks how many times something moves in one second.

We've all heard about the Schumann resonance, or 432 frequency, or 556. There are many different frequencies that are used for Binaural Beats and Isochronic technology for giving people relaxation and the nervous system through sound. But how does understanding the emotional frequency chart help you become a better you?

In today's society, people really aren't taught important life skills. Definitely not in school, and sometimes not at home, except for in our homes because you and I are very conscious so we do teach emotional frequency. And I'm going to unpack the layers of this today but a bigger question rises here as we pause.


[04:40] David Hawkins + Expression Of Our True Nature

Now that you know the frequency chart from Hawkins and you understand that this level of consciousness can go all the way down to 20 Hz or 20 vibrations per second to 1000 vibrations per second for, a consciousness. What do all the stages between 20 and 1,000 truly mean?

The victim abuse or consciousness from 20 Hz all the way to 200 the self-empowerment from 250 all the way to 400. And of course, the self-realization from 440 all the way to 1,000 is what allows people to go from hell to purgatory in between paradise and heaven.

This is the conceptual framework that was developed by David Hawkins MD Ph.D. after a ton of research over 40 years of research. It looks at various mental states and psychological states as they connect to, and corresponds to the different levels of consciousness from 20 to 1,000.

The approach is not very new anymore but it was new when it first came out. It is very much in line with the current wisdom traditions where higher levels of consciousness are used to correspondingly connect to greater psychological integration, and really just harmony with life.

This conceptual approach delineates how one moves from the lower self or the smaller self. The lower one takes more scarcity-based states of consciousness to a higher self, or what Hawkins calls the absolute high. And through this journey, various conditionings, some scars along with different impurities, start to melt away.

In the process really dismantles and purifies human beings allowing for a greater expression of our true nature, the level of the human.

The model is an expression of the relative, so it is not to be taken as the expression of absolute truth, because we fluctuate through this level of consciousness, all day long.

There are certain people, though that have certain characteristics of always being negative, always vibrating down at the victim consciousness, and we feel tired because I know you can relate to this when we are in their presence.


[06:57] Resting Metabolic Rate

We know that the resting metabolic rate is a number that dictates how many calories a human being will consume completely at rest with no fidgeting, no exercise, just if you were to sit on the couch for the entire day, sleep, eat food, drink water, and literally not lift a finger for an entire 24 hour period. That would be your resting metabolic rate.

So what is it that dictates are resting metabolic rate?

Well, science would say it's your height, weight, age, gender, ethnicity, diet, activity level, and muscle... But I also believe that the thermic effect of food and a concept called the non-exercise movement or non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), which is fascinating. This is knowledge from my old personal training days…

So to calculate RMR, you would essentially put your factors into a calculator and you get a caloric number somewhere around 2000 cal or so depending on your physiology.

So the answer to this, and this is what I'm going to prove to you today on this podcast... if somebody eats a perfect caloric diet and they are exercising well and they're doing the mouth of calories in calories out with their RMR then why is it that people still don't lose weight or gain muscle?

What I'm going to hypothesize today is that you trust the connection between emotional frequency, HRV, RMR, and how every single one of them affects one another.


[08:33] Heart Rate Variability

Let's go into an HRV. Now that we've talked about RMR, HRV is heart rate variability. It is the amount of time in between the beats of your heart and sciences show that a greater score of HRV can be in prime indicator of how long you live, how healthy you'll be, and even four diseases and afflictions like CHD, diabetes, and so many more.

So now that you know what HRV is what increases your HRV score? In other words, what gives you a more diverse score around HRV?

With HRV being the measure of variations in between each heartbeat measured in time, this variation is controlled by a very ancient part of the nervous system, called the autonomic nervous system, otherwise known as the ANS.

We've talked about the autonomic nervous system very in-depth in our BREATHE: Breath & Wellness program, which you can be a part of. This conversation is geared towards that because I believe it is the breath that can set you free, and it is the breath that can increase your HRV, support your RMR, and be the fuel for your emotional frequency scale. I think they all connect, and I'm going to prove that today.

So if the autonomic nervous system is housed in two compartments, one being sympathetic, one being parasympathetic, otherwise known as relaxation or fight or flight on the other side, then the brain is constantly millions and millions and millions of times per day processing information in a part of your brain called the hypothalamus.

Here are the keys of vibrational habits which I'm in a moment going to tie to emotional frequency and the Hawkins scale.

Here are the low-frequency habits that are coming from scarcity, coming from potentially just hedonism or apathy that drive a very low HRV score.

The first is poor sleep, followed by alcohol, then smoking cigarettes, low physical activity, stress management, excessive caffeine, very poor posture, and of course, eating a diet that is not organic, and also genetics.

There are some people that have a positive or negative impact via HRV and we know the HRV tends to naturally go down as we get older, but it doesn't have to it absolutely does not have to.

As I mention chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, depression, and pulmonary disease, all of these things even medication's that people are taking or if you live in hot climates. I live in Austin and I would guess that most people's HRV score is lower because it's a super hot climate and makes you think about where you wanna live, right?


[11:05] Low Frequency: Hypervigilance + Unprocessed Trauma

So now that we've unpacked HRV and RMR, and we've given you the beginning of the frequency scale, let me pull this all together, my friend. You're really going to enjoy this. Bare with me, we're about to go deep because we store unfavorable feelings very deep.

We follow instructions and perform as intended until the program is terminated, and a new one is installed, but by the time we reach adulthood, we have so many unresolved issues that the majority of our reactions are inherently negative.

These reactions are then in charge of unfortunate circumstances. That simply serves to confirm what we "already knew" from the past and distracts us in a vicious loop of emotional incidents, most of which are based on long-forgotten recollections from the past.

So essentially the frequency of experiences, the frequency of emotions that are unfavorable from the past are literally driving the current moment because the body doesn't know any different, the body is a minor connected to all of this and this is what leads to hypervigilance.

You can learn more about hypervigilance by going over to where I go in-depth about the subconscious strategy for survival and what I believe mental illness is a symptom of in regards to hypervigilance and so much more than that.

So these feelings of being a victim, combined with the assessment of others, evaluating oneself in relation to others, or comparing yourself to other people, is really a nervous system's tool for analyzing vibration.

In other words, we project onto others what we feel about ourselves. So if I feel hypervigilant or non-trusting I'm going to unconsciously project that onto the person in front of me or the situation in front of me, and then that affects clearly my HRV and absolutely my resting metabolic rate because I'm going to need more calories, I'm not going to sleep as well, and I'm going to be shifted over to my sympathetic more throughout the day, which is the opposite of what the nature intended.

But it's only when we embark on a journey of searching for the way of loving techniques and information and tools that we can begin, letting go of the lower frequency of these lower emotional reactions.

This is a path that involves our whole lives and has a direct connection to love and complementing ourselves every time we manage to overcome these, potentially stressful situations, but really, they're not because we are choosing based on our past conditioning to make them three for 10 times more stressful than they actually are.

So let's bring it home. Here the emotional frequency chart and Hawkins's work show the hertz frequency rate of this vibrational analysis all the way from low emotions to high.

As the rate of vibration goes lower the extent of consciousness as well, and this is very key, the ability to deal with situations or things in a positive way is drastically reduced, which limits our discernment to respond or be responsible, which I've talked about many times on this podcast there is a difference between responsibility and being response-able.

So when we find ourselves stuck in the spiderweb of the frequencies, like grief and shame and lying and deceit, it might seem so difficult and almost impossible to overcome things. But look, in this world, we are very fortunate to be here with each other right now. You are part of the solution, the fact that you were even listening to the Solocast means you are already on the way, my friend.

You are already on the way and you are going through it because the only way out is through. Your resolve and your intelligence that was up leveled today now that you understand the connection between HRV and RMR, the academic science terms, and the actual emotional signature and quotient of the frequency scale.

Combine these two things, and understand that you are a soul having a human experience inside of a body, and the more you can dive in and understand the emotional frequency chart the less you can put down your Oura Ring, put down your Woop, put down all the things that track your HRV and track your sleep and track your stuff.

Because you and I both know those are external mirrors of mindfulness and all they're already doing is reminding you about the way that you already feel.

It is only when we look within without judgment, with compassion for ourselves, that we can let go of the negative emotional attachments that keep us bathing in scarcity. And bathing at the bottom of the victimhood in those lower emotions of 200 all the way down to 20.


[16:40] What Is Your Emotional Frequency?

So here is the action plan. First, take an emotional inventory I talked about that at Take the emotional inventory to identify what beliefs you have or what emotions you're experiencing and then write your number down after each one and see where you fall.

Are you in the category of victim, abuse, or consciousness? Are you in the category of self-empowerment? Are you in the category of self-realization the majority of the time? If you are, write to and let me know. We'd love to interview you on this podcast so we can all learn from you.

But for the rest of us, where we bounce around from 20 to 202, 50 to 440, with the occasional 440 all the way up to 1,000. What we all need is a deep breath, space and compassion, and love for ourselves so we can stop making science our God and start making the creator our God.

Because the creator is all that ever has been what is here now and always shopping. Whether you're spiritual, scientific, religious, or atheist. It doesn't matter because the energy that brought you here is the energy that guides and loves all things.

And so it is with that awareness that I leave you with a challenge. Listen to, and go and sign up for the Breathe program at Use the code "PODCAST25" for 25% off and take yourself through three weeks of true emotional inventory, through breathwork, and unpack a lot of this victim abuse or consciousness from 200 down to 20.

And then write to me at Know how you're feeling let me know the impact of this solo cast and let me know how much you love yourself and how much you love others with this new state of consciousness and this new awareness.

I trust that was helpful. I know it was if you're still with me because there's a part of your soul that's absorbing this and taking this to heart. This is Food for your soul, nourishment for your heart, and an action plan for your mind.

And until I see you again and I'm wishing you love and wellness.


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