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Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

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Oct 27, 2020

In our constant belief that we are at war with nature and all of the germs, we are killing ourselves ever faster and it is ludicrous and sad because we have twenty, thirty years of data on the microbiome to know that it's the microbiome that prevents cancer, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and infertility; it's all the microbiome. Yet somehow, from this ridiculous fear story, suddenly the whole world including scientists are okay with killing every organism on earth. COVID19 is just a very sad, low-vibration event. - Dr. Zach Bush


More than ever, a voice like Dr. Zach Bush needs to be heard and because this has been our most popular episode this year, we are doing a special release of it today.

The Radical Truth About COVID-19

For all of us, 2020 has been in many ways the year of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Right now we are still watching it burn down to the ground. So we invite you to listen to Dr. Zach Bush including 5 other guests in our CV19 Truth Series: Protecting Your Health Freedom

This special edition 6-part CV19 Truth Series: Protecting Your Health Freedom podcast with host, Josh Trent, spotlights the best and most trusted information you will find in the online wellness world when it comes to taking your health and wellness into your own hands.

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Wellness Force Radio Episode 345

Triple board-certified physician, Founder and CEO of ION*Biome and Executive Producer for the docu-series, Farmer's Footprint, Dr. Zach Bush, explains why COVID19 actually isn't a respiratory virus, explores humanity's awakening in the global shutdown, how spraying pesticides and insecticides has increased COVID19's impact and the use of hydroxychloroquine and cyanide poisoning kits against COVID19.


Is the approach to healing COVID19 patients with respirators all wrong?

Discover what tools and methods might be the key to help heal COVID19 patients efficiently and quickly.


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Listen To Episode 345 As Dr. Zach Bush Uncovers:


[1:30] Humanity's Awakening In The Global Shutdown


[16:00] Why COVID19 Actually Isn't A Respiratory Virus

  • Looking at the stats of COVID19 and the fact that patients do not have a fever, do not have a low white blood cell count and do not have any change in their respiratory rate to conclude that COVID19 is a respiratory virus.
  • What COVID19 actually is: a toxin poisoning to the red blood cell to a small percentage of people around the world in the cities with the highest rates of air pollution.
  • Similarities between COVID19 symptoms and someone who has had cyanide poisoning; not pneumonia. (19:00)
  • The importance of medical staff realizing that this is not some mysterious virus they should be afraid of as variants of it have already been introduced to humans in the past.
  • How pharmaceuticals create an imbalance and put people at risk for cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and diabetes during this "COVID19 pandemic." (24:00)
  • The two drugs that the AMA demands be used to treat those three diseases above: ACE Inhibitors and Statin plus the fact that ACE Inhibitors cause the main COVID19 symptom, a cough, as it sensitizes the lung.
  • Unpacking how exactly pharmaceuticals make people more susceptible to illness as the COVID19 virus is attached to other toxic particles in the air.


[25:00] How Spraying Insecticide Has Increased COVID19's Impact

  • How our mortality significantly went up this year due to the toxicity of the planet with all of the pollution and chemicals dumped into the environment.
  • Why spraying insecticide and toxic chemicals all over and into the air to try to sterilize the environment has increased COVID19's impact on humans.
  • The importance of understanding that we are killing ourselves faster by harming the environment because our natural microbiome is what prevents disease and disorders.
  • How to get out of the way of nature and just be in harmony with it for her health and our own as she continues to serve us.
  • The importance of understanding the second law of thermodynamics: the total entropy of an isolated system can never decrease over time, and is constant if and only if all processes are reversible. (27:00)
  • How the second law of thermodynamics applies to depression, disease, spirituality, business, economics, politics, and more.
  • The fact that viruses are all around us: in our land, air, and ocean plus why they are not our enemies and we would be long gone thousands of years ago if they were. (30:00)
  • The immense economic shift as the biggest consolidation of wealth (in just a couple of hands) in human history takes advantage of the COVID19 hype and fear.
  • 321 Sally Fallon Morell & Hilda Labrada Gore


[31:00] Use of Hydroxychloroquine And Cyanide Poisoning Kits Against COVID19

  • Unpacking the fact that Wuhan has the most damaged ecosystem on the planet with all of the glyphosate being sprayed and has the biggest production of chemical raised pork thus this toxic stew of their microbiome is sending out an important genomic update to the rest of the world.
  • Similarities between SARS and COVID19 symptoms including the approach to stopping them.
  • What a hypoxic injury is as cyanide and other toxins enter red blood cells thus making the use of a respirator useless. (33:00)
  • Unpacking why COVID19 patients are not dying from a lack of respiratory capacity, lack of oxygen in the atmosphere, or lack of oxygen in the respirator machine but from their lack of oxygen-carrying capacity.
  • The importance of treating a COVID19 patient's hemoglobin; not the respiratory system because this is about healing a blood toxin; not a respiratory virus.
  • How hydroxychloroquine changes the shape of the red blood cell and could actually be one of the very few medicines to increase the body's capacity to carry oxygen.
  • The powerful impact that could happen to treat COVID19 in minutes when we use a simple cyanide poisoning kit that every hospital has vs having patients weeks on a respirator that might not even help them. (35:00)


[41:00] The Man-Made Environmental Devastation Created On Farms

  • How Mother Earth is doing throughout all of this as she tries to breathe through her soils and oceans.
  • The devastation that our planet has gone through including the impact of Roundup being sprayed everywhere.
  • Dr. Allen Williams
  • This is Your Brain on "Food Chemistry"
  • How overplowing a field kills the mycelia or life beneath the topsoil thus causing it to lose important nutrients.
  • Why we'll continue to see more coronaviruses impacting humanity as our air quality continues to suffer from CO2, methane, PM2.5, and other greenhouse gases. (47:50)
  • The fact that PM2.5 is the least of our concerns if we realize that the oceans continue to take more and more CO2 and acidify which would wipe out 85% to 97% of life on earth.
  • How we've gotten to the point of being in the midst of the planet's 6th extinction as we've already wiped out 50% of our biology and accelerating.
  • The incredible new life that will be born on this planet when we really start to care about the planet and stop our harmful behavior.
  • Unpacking the grand misperception that America is feeding the world when it's really just 30% as we continue to spray out chemicals onto all of our crops that have adopted mega farming.
  • The reality that 70% of 7 billion people on earth are fed by traditional farming practices in poor countries with small amounts of farmland as farmers are abused by economic rules and lose out to the big corporation competition.
  • How to directly help farmers in your community by buying CSA labeled foods.

[59:00] ION*Biome & The Gut-Brain Access

  • His product, ION*Biome, and how it helps to improve our gut-brain access for great physical, emotional, and mental health.
  • Exploring what REDOX science is: Reduction and Oxidation and its impacts on our health.
  • His past and current research on cancer, healing the body, and how he came to create ION*Biome.
  • Unpacking how our exosomes of genetic information from our genome could change behavior just like a virus of other cells.
  • Breaking down our genetic DNA and RNA in relation to bacteria and fungi in our environment plus the food we just ate that's updating our genome.
  • The fact that we have microbiome all throughout our bodies and even in the brain.
  • Our natural biological methodologies for cellular communication across life forms at a deeper level.
  • Exploring time, space, and this continuous vibration of the electromagnetic field that connects all of us.
  • How we manifest events around us as the body absorbs and sends out intentions or information to the universe.

[1:16:00] Connecting The Head & The Heart

  • Organizing our priorities to be able to be there for the people in our lives that mean the most to us.
  • Why there is an opportunity to grow and be more when we feel disappointed that we aren't able to be present for others.
  • How we get so caught up in life that we forget to pause and give gratitude for everything we experience and are as humans.
  • The true calling of physicians and health care workers plus his personal message for them.
  • Exploring the intelligence of the physical and spiritual worlds in our universe.
  • Why a microscopic boundary is the beginning of self-identity and healthy macro boundaries: spiritual and emotional.
  • How to let go and surrender by stop holding onto everything you believe from the roles you have played to the identities you've taken on.
  • The deep spiritual conversation he was gifted to have with Patrick Gentempo.
  • Unpacking Patrick Gentempo's message: Humanity is dying largely because we keep thinking that the fabric of life is love; the fabric of the universe we live in is beauty. Love is not a thing, action, or result; love is the experience of witnessing beauty.
  • Why we can't manifest love; all we can do is see the beauty and react to that. Through that, we will be a vessel of love.
  • Explaining why you don't lack self-love; you just haven't given yourself the breath and time to find your own beauty.

Power Quotes From The Show

How To Improve A COVID19 Patient's Oxygen-Carrying Capacity

"It turns out that the main thing hydroxychloroquine does is change the shape of the red blood cell. Malaria is a parasite that attacks the red blood cell and so hydroxychloroquine, as it turns out, is one of the few medications someone could reach for to help improve the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Now there's a much more efficient approach called a cyanide poisoning kit that takes just three quick injections to change the shape of the hemoglobin into methemoglobin and it does fine. We can treat a COVID19 patient with a simple cyanide poisoning kit that every hospital has in a matter of minutes rather than weeks on a respirator where the patient is dying from pneumonia." - Dr. Zach Bush

Becoming A Vessel Of Love

"We don't have to manifest love; in fact, we cannot manifest love. All we can do is see beauty and react to that. Through that, we will be a vessel of love and we will pour love through ourselves not because we know how to love but because we can recognize beauty. So, for everyone trying to struggle with why you don't have self-love, it's not because you don't love yourself, it's because you just haven't given yourself the breath and the time to find your own beauty. So, find that beauty, dig in, and you're going to be able to love like you've never known before." - Dr. Zach Bush

The Toxicity Of Our Chemical Fears, Response, & Behavior

"We're seeing a lot of people dying from heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune conditions right now. Our mortality went up this year significantly because of the toxicity of the planet. We've never dumped more chemicals than we have in the last year and I don't think it's surprising necessarily that the US is seeing some of the highest mortality right now because as soon as we thought this was a virus killing us, we went and sprayed insecticide and toxic chemicals into the air all over South Korea and China. All of those toxins then went airborne and ended up in cities like Seattle and New York a couple of weeks later. That band of air that is traveling across the globe all the time is carrying the toxicity of our chemical fear and response to a toxin that was developed from our chemical behavior of transportation and energy sectors." - Dr. Zach Bush


How Does COVID-19 Actually Impact Us?

"Our patients are dying from a lack of oxygen-carrying capacity not a lack of respiratory capacity or lack of oxygen in the atmosphere or lack of oxygen in the respirator machine. They're dying because we're not treating the hemoglobin." - Dr. Zach Bush


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About Dr. Zach Bush

Dr. Zach BushDr. Zach Bush is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology, and hospice care. He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems.



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