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Your host, Josh Trent, spotlights world-class experts in the fields of physical and emotional intelligence, mindset, behavior change, supplementation, nutrition, health, wellness, fitness, and technology that empower you with actionable steps for your wellness journey.

After struggling with anxiety, depression, and weight gain in adolescence, in 2004 Josh let go of over 75 pounds and transformed his life by becoming a health and fitness professional that would coach over 12,000 sessions and evolve into one of the top wellness influencers on iTunes.

In this podcast together, we discover the connections between our emotions and healthy habits to live our best life and enjoy the process. Every week, you'll learn from exceptional people who have dedicated their lives to being a positive force for our global collective.

Deeper topics include: Physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, behavior change, wellness, behavioral psychology, habits, mindset, fitness, health, strength training, organic supplementation, bio-hacking, body transformation, psychedelics, digital health, quantified self, mHealth, wearable technology and more.

Aug 18, 2017

Craig Ramsay is here to show us that we no longer have to stress out over an intense workout regimen, and that building our physical and emotional fitness can be a fun and enjoyable process.


It's no secret that exercise can be overwhelming when we go into it with the all-or-nothing mentality. This approach can lead to health activities that don't resonate with us emotionally and cause us to quit when we don't attain certain fitness goals. We can avoid this situation by finding fun and healthy ways to improve our fitness no matter where we are, and by building more excitement and laughter into the process.

When we engage in workouts that really light us up inside and let go of the stress that comes with always having to be perfect, we are going to thrive emotionally, become healthier, and transform our physique.

The Importance of Posture

Most people are unaware of their poor posture and movement habits, and this can have a greater impact on our health than we realize.

We don't have to seek out a yoga or pilates class to improve our posture and ability to stretch.  We can start to increase our awareness for how we move and better our bodies' alignment by using certain techniques right away.

Craig recommends that we picture holding a washcloth in the back part of our armpit.

Simply doing this is going to help us elevate the chest, push the shoulders back and down, and allow us to breathe better and fuel our bodies with more oxygen.

This improvement in our posture will help us move throughout our day with intention, intensity, and purpose.


Stretch: A Reason To Wine

Craig Ramsay Stretch With Wine

When Craig trained the women from the hit TV show on Bravo, "The Real Housewives," they allowed him to change their workouts and also their eating plans, but had 1 very serious stipulation:

He was not allowed to take away their wine!

Since Craig was a trained contortionist, ballet dancer, and stretching expert, he had no problem coming up with a fun way to incorporate the ladies' love for wine and his love for stretching and moving the body.

Craig knew about the scientific research showing that minimal amounts of wine can have benefits to our health and also chemically improve our ability to stretch.  That is when his new exercise class was born:

Stretch - A Reason To Wine!

His class includes a 5 wine tasting flight, which he pairs together with a stretch that matches the taste and experience of each wine.  He finds his participants feeling great, becoming more comfortable in a social fitness environment, and having a wonderful time in the process.

Click Here To Learn More About Craig's Class "Stretch: A Reason To Wine"

Listen to WFF o10 As Craig Uncovers:

  • His origin story and background that kept him heavily involved in a fit & active environment
  • His experiences on Reality TV that showed him the true power of being vulnerable
  • Why he feels the bodybuilding industry has done an injustice to our views on health and wellness
  • He shows us how we can have a life, live a life, and look incredible all the while
  • How he was able to help his mom cope with her Fibromyalgia
  • Why enjoyable exercise will impact our overall health and wellness
  • How we can get through emotional blocks and start building our fitness
  • The importance of having fun and laughing during exercise
  • Why letting go of our emotional weight will help us let go of physical weight
  • How Craig finds balance in his busy lifestyle
  • How we can use technology to uplevel the human experience
  • Why the all-or-nothing approach can be damaging to our health and wellness

About Craig Ramsay

Craig Ramsay

Craig Ramsay is an internationally recognized fitness expert, exercise programmer and author known for his unique, effective, and entertaining fitness methods. Ramsay’s other passions include hockey, training as a contortionist, dancing, and theater.

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