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Oct 11, 2016

"Money is just an exchange of energy. The challenge with money is when we do not have a healthy relationship with money and that's where we usually deflect it."- Ryan Yokome


What do you think about when you hear the word, "money?"  What do you feel when you receive your monthly paycheck? Do you have happy thoughts and feeling of relief and relaxation? Or do you have negative thoughts and feel anxious with worry?

Today, CEO of Money & Miracles Breakthrough Coaching and the Co-Founder of the Soulful Money MasterclassRyan Yokome, shares how we can tap into our own lives to discover and  embrace the currency of wellness


Change Your Mindset on Money


"When you know who you are and you know yourself and you're comfortable with that, you can go anywhere and do anything because you don't have to be someone that you're not. You can show up as you and it's so liberating and freeing."- Ryan Yokome


Each of us has a personal story with money and it begins with our background and our parents' relationship with money. Whether or not their relationship with money was good, if they said something about money or had a certain attitude and behavior towards it, we picked up on that when we were younger.

Fortunately, their experience with money does not have to be the same as our story and relationship with money. To help us change our own money story, Ryan explained the concept of Be-Do-Have and its reversal pattern, Have-Do-Be.

A majority of us believe that there is a lack of money. However, it is an abundant source of energy that is always available to us. All we have to do is change our thinking and approach to money and do reverse thinking with Have-Do-Be.

First believe that you already have the money that you need. Next, do something differently that will allow you to receive that money and finally become that person who has the money. 

Focus on the Essence of Money


"How you tap into a different space of magnetizing money in your life is how you focus on the essence. You focus on the feeling that money will give you if you had those things now. What's the essence? Would you feel more joy, happiness, relaxed? Cause you're not actually after money, but a feeling. "-Ryan Yokome


The key to help you change your mindset on money is to focus on the essence of money and what it means to you. 

How do you feel if you imagine that you already have all the money or monthly paycheck that you need to get to where you want to be? Is it happiness? Relaxation? Success?

You don't want money, but a feeling. The feeling that money gives you. As soon as you focus on that feeling, you will change what you do because your actions will be different and you'll become a different person during that process.

You want to put all these feelings about money on the table and process the feeling to help make the unconscious conscious. What's your story with money? Is it your story or your family's story?


Tap Into The 5 Positive Money Beliefs


"The currency of wellness is connection."- John W. Travis, MD, MPH


To experience the positive mindset change of currency, Ryan explained the 5 Positive Money Beliefs:

1) Meaning

Money is neutral and we are the ones who give it energy and meaning. You can actually experience how your life is changing depending on how you approach money.

Money gives meaning when you notice external changes such as where you live, what possessions you have, what food you eat each day etc.

People will also give you clues that money is changing your life because they will notice it too. They will notice that there is something different about you.

Lastly, because we can change the energy and meaning that money gives us, you decide what your money story is and will be.

Life is not based on luck or genes, but the choices that we make and that creates our money story.


2) Relationships

Treat money as if it were a person. Now, how would you treat money if you were dating it? How do you treat it when you log into your online bank account or when you get paid? Does it give you happiness or cause you stress?


3) Purpose

What is the purpose of money for you? Why do you want to make more money and what do you want to do with it?

If you're not giving money a purpose or being intentional with it, then you're not connecting with it. Ryan gave a great example that you connect with your money when you pay your bills because that money helps pay the salaries of the employees of the other business.

When you give your money a purpose, you tap into the essence of it and how it makes you feel.


4) Giving

Ryan believes that if you give to another person, that you're actually giving back to yourself as well. So if you shift into a different state of love and abundance, you pass that feeling on to other people.

Giving the genuine feelings of love and abundance to others is just what many of us need to feel that excitement and purpose for life that we crave.

Give compliments, a smile, or a "Have a nice day!" with real feeling the next time you're at the check out counter.


5) Receiving

For many of us, it is so much easier to give than to receive because we haven't learned how to receive love. Past relationships and experiences have caused us to feel like we didn't receive the love that we wanted or needed.

Because of this, it can be hard to receive love from others or we don't know why other people are tryitng to give us love. Especially in a world of technology, we are starving for true connection with other people, but we don't know how to accept it when it's given to us.

When we receive money from work or as a gift from another person, we can practice receiving love and abudance from another source. This source that will help us buy food, pay for a home, and use to help us get to where we want to be in life.


Resources From The Show

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About Ryan

Ryan Yokome is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. He is the CEO of Money & Miracles Breakthrough Coaching and the co-founder of the 12-Week Soulful Money Masterclass.

Ryan’s innovative and unique coaching training programs guide people to achieve their goals and dreams by overcoming their limitations, fears, and money blocks. Ryan uses a process to help others overcome their insecurities and procrastination to unlock the unlimited courage that resides deep within.

Ryan has helped over 100 people reach five- to six-figure incomes working from home through his mentorship. He provides an inner map for incredible transformation to unlock people’s purpose, meaning, and passion in their lives.


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