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Dec 4, 2018

You want to live your truth as much as you can. So many people think that "quitting" is this dirty word but to me, "settling," is the dirty word. - Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Deep down you know it's time for a change but how can you leave a job, relationship, or educational pursuits and feel secure, safe, and happy about your quit? 


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On Wellness Force Radio episode 247, Coach, Speaker, Author of Quitting by Design, and Host of the Quit Happens Podcast, Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, shares why quitting can be a beneficial form of self-care and discovering what works for each person, the number one reason why people don't embrace the quit, and how quitting vs. settling are two very different things

Discover what a strategic quit is and how to use it to your advantage and for the benefit of your mind and body. 

'"Don't up and quit your job; take a really hard look at what is wrong in the job and if you can't fix that, then it's probably time to quit." - Dr. Lynn Marie Morski


Get your copy of Quitting by Design by Dr. Lynn Marie Morski here

Quitting By Design by Dr. Lynn Marie MorskiThousands of self-help books have been written to tell people to live their best lives, without necessarily addressing the fact that making major life changes almost always requires quitting one thing and starting another.

This pain point – the quitting itself – is often the barrier to change. Many avoid quitting because they fear the unknown. Will they find another career or relationship? Will their new path provide financial stability? Will friends and family question the decision to quit?  Will society see them as quitters?

These questions generally go unaddressed. But that’s where Quitting by Design comes in – its sole focus is to help people through their quits successfully so they can proceed with their transformations. It’s a step-by-step guide that takes readers from deciding if there’s something they should quit all the way to preparing their health, finances, and relationships for a quiet, and it helps them conquer any fears that may pop up along the way.

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski knows how to address fears and prepare your health, relationships, and finances for a quit because she's been there time and again. She has quit educational pursuits, jobs, careers, relationships, political name it; she's found a way to quit it while maximizing the benefits and minimizing the challenges associated with major life changes. And she wants nothing more than to pass these skills along to you.
With this book, Dr. Morski aims to pass on what she's learned about quitting not only from her own experiences but also through interviews with others who have made successful quits themselves. She tackles the stigma surrounding quitting while highlighting what a useful and necessary tool it can be in carving out a life you enjoy.


Listen To Episode 247 As Dr. Lynn Marie Morski Uncovers:

  • Her journey as a "lifelong quitter" from going to a physician to an attorney to a law professor.
  • The connection between mental and physical health when it comes to feeling shame.
  • Steps we can take to just stop being so serious all the time.
  • Why our fear of the unknown makes it so hard to quit when it comes to moving on with our health, wealth, and relationships.
  • How to get over the anxiety of what other people think of our quit when we want to make a life change.
  • Why money is the number one reason why people don't embrace the quit.
  • How to test out your quit in your mind to see how it feels long before you actually take action.
  • Why she's against the idea that everything happens for a reason but doesn't have any regrets because they've all led her to this very moment in her life.
  • The signs that it's time for a quit and how to recognize them.
  • What to do if your inner circle is not on board with your strategic quit and fresh start.
  • How to get out of the mindset that "quitters" never win and you have to fake it to make it.
  • Why sharing your quits with other people can help other people with their own strategic quits.
  • The stigmas around quitting and why society has leaned towards this narrative of shaming people for making drastic life changes.
  • Journaling practice for strategic quitting and discovering where you need to make a life change. 
  • How to prepare your health for a quit via insurance and hospital check-up visits.
  • Wellness practices you should get in order before you make the strategic quit actually happen.
  • Steps you can take to quit an "identity" and create a new one that truly fits who you want to be.
  • Diversification of identity: why we aren't just one thing but many parts within our own identity.
  • How quitting can actually be a generous act for not only yourself but other people too.
  • Her 3 physical practices that can help you get clear about whether or else you need a strategic quit.

Power Quotes From The Show

"'QUIT until the life you want is yours." - Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

"If you're quitting something that may seem like a dream job to others or feel this societal pressure to not quit, you have to stop and realize that the people who are going to judge you aren't you. They're not in your shoes, they're not in your head, and they're not living your life. You're the one who has to live your life; why should you let what somebody else's thoughts of you shape your existence?" - Lynn Marie Morski

"Does your boss want an employee who's constantly looking for a way out? No. Do other people a favor by quitting. Quitting is actually a generous act at some point because they should want somebody in that position who wants to be in that position. If you're forcing yourself to be in this job, you're actually doing them a disservice and there's an opportunity cost for both you and them." - Lynn Marie Morski

"As a society, we're avoiding putting ourselves out there. We need to quit this facade, quit the mask, and quit this external game. Social media has made it so much worse and is doing the opposite of what it should be doing." - Lynn Marie Morski


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About Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Dr. Lynn Marie MorskiLynn Marie Morski is a physician, attorney, and lifelong quitter. She has carved out a successful path by not only knowing when to persevere and when to quit but more importantly, how to learn from the situations where quitting was the best option. Her firm belief is that quitting doesn't deserve the stigma it has been given, for quitting is a key step in finding out what truly works for each person. She would love to help you create your best life by quitting the things that aren't serving you.

To that end, she started the Quit Happens podcast, where each week she interviews someone who has found success through strategic quitting in order to help pass along their advice to you! Also, her first book, Quitting by Design, is set for release in September 2018. In addition, Dr. Morski helps people to and through their quits via coaching and public speaking.

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