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Feb 20, 2024

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 614

Why is nobody talking about HPV; the world's most common sexually transmitted infection?

Clear HPV Naturally: Letting Go of Shame To Heal The Body-Mind-Soul-Sex Connection | Mimi LindquistMimi Lindquist, Nutrition Expert and AHCC Educator, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast, episode 614, to spread awareness about HPV which affects up to 90% of the population, how medicinal mushrooms help boost immune surveillance, how to remove shame around HPV, and why viruses are messengers telling you to focus on your health.

"HPV is the most commonly transmitted STI. 80 to 90% of us will have to deal with this at some point in our lives because it is that common. We see that in clinical research that really strong, low-grade stress and chronic stress degrades our ability to have a robust immune surveillance. It's a nudge from your body that says, hey, I need help. I need you to be more in balance." - Mimi Lindquist

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Clear HPV Naturally: Letting Go of Shame To Heal The Body-Mind-Soul-Sex Connection | Mimi LindquistHPV is not rare. Think of it like the common cold of the cervix. 14 million cases are diagnosed every year, including women who look like the definition of healthy.

The usual response to HPV is one of stigma, shame, judgment, and guilt — both from the self and society.

With the right understanding of the immune system, the role it plays in HPV, and developing optimal mental, emotional, and physical practices — you can be one of the thousands of women all around the world successfully clearing their bodies of HPV.

If you’re ready to celebrate your Negative HPV and PAP screenings with Mimi and Nathan! Clear + Free was built by design to give you the tools to do exactly that — and live the healthy, fulfilling, magical life you desire.

In This Episode, Mimi Lindquist Uncovers:

[01:30] Health Starts in The Mouth

  • Mimi Lindquist
  • Clear HPV - Use code "JOSH10" for 10% off enrollment in the CLEAR + FREE program
  • Why searching HPV on Google can cause more harm.
  • How Mimi feels pain when she can't help someone with the knowledge she has.
  • What motivated her to help people take care of their oral health.
  • How she stopped practicing dental hygiene and started teaching people about medicinal mushrooms.

[09:45] Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Why Mimi decided to yes to what was calling her.
  • How she hit rock bottom on her health journey.
  • Shawn Stevenson
  • The benefits of active hexose correlated compound (AHCC).

[13:05] HPV: Sexually Transmitted Infection

[19:25] Immune Surveillance

  • Dr. Nathan Riley
  • The importance of having a strong immune system.
  • How the immune surveillance helps your body fight infections.
  • How viruses can help you realize you need to slow down.

[24:25] Virus Is a Messenger

  • Why evil exists in the world.
  • Your body is asking you to find balance through viruses like HPV.
  • Why there is a lot of shame around HPV.
  • 1 in 5 men have a high-risk HPV strain in their system.
  • Why there is no HPV testing available for men.

[28:35] HPV Prevention

  • How HPV can affect you even if you've only had one sexual partner.
  • HPV can lead to cervical cancer.
  • Why the healing process is a team effort.
  • The HPV vaccine has a lot of side effects.

[32:35] HPV Treatment Options

  • Josh's experience with the health care system.
  • Gardasil Lawsuit
  • Why Mimi cares so much about helping people with HPV.
  • Managing symptoms versus healing the root cause.
  • Why cutting away the infected part is not a solution.
  • How women get scared for their lives when they hear the diagnosis.

[39:35] The Origin of Shame Around HPV

  • Chaos seeks order.
  • Why women feel ashamed of having HPV.
  • How religion creates an imprint of shame around sex.
  • HPV is the equivalent of a common cold for the cervix.
  • Women don't have the support they need on their healing journey.

[47:05] Victim Mindset

  • The impacts of staying in a victim vibration.
  • When you receive a diagnosis, you have two options.
  • HPV gets always cleared by your immune system, not pharmaceuticals.
  • You need to take ownership of your health in order to heal.
  • What factors can have an influence on your immune system and the healing process.

[54:55] Mimi's Healing Journey

  • How Mimi hit rock bottom in 2017 because she took a healthy lifestyle too far.
  • Why she didn't receive the help she was looking for because she looked fit and healthy.
  • How she figured out how to live better and get healthy.
  • Why she felt ashamed about her sexuality.

[59:10] Tap Into Pleasure

  • How Josh learned to understand what it means to love yourself.
  • Finding your edges helps you find your center.
  • Why figuring out what you don't want for yourself is a part of the process of maturation.
  • How courage moves you through fear.
  • Why people shame the pleasures of life.
  • You can't experience pleasure unless you are present.
  • Why women struggle to connect to their feminine.

[01:08:15] Going Inwards to Find Softness

  • Real pleasure versus pseudo-pleasure.
  • How bringing awareness to your body can help you connect to pleasure.
  • Pleasure doesn't have to be sexual.
  • Finding softness within you.

[01:13:25] Self-Love Practice

[01:23:45] AHCC: The Cure for HPV?

  • How Immune Intel AHCC helps eradicate HPV.
  • You can improve your immune system overnight.
  • AHCC can clear HPV within 6 months in 64% of women.
  • You need to find out what negatively impacts your immune surveillance.

[01:29:10] Mycelium for Health

  • Mycelia is a combination of the neural network and the immune system of the fungal organism.
  • Why mycelium products are beneficial for your health and immune system.
  • The reason why Mimi takes mushroom supplements every day.
  • Why AHCC is more bio-available for the human body than other mushroom products.

[01:35:10] Tremella Mushrooms

  • Paul Stamets
  • The origin and benefits of Tremella mushroom.
  • Why Mimi would tell her younger self to chill out.
  • How the relationship with herself and the people around her create well-being in Mimi's life.

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Power Quotes From The Show

The Shame Around HPV

"HPV is not just a physical diagnosis because of the shame that surrounds the diagnosis. Why would a woman feel shame about having the equivalent of the common cold for the cervix?" - Mimi Lindquist

The Antidote to Shame

"We shame pleasure and not just in a sexual sense. The antidote to the shame is actually more pleasure. Tapping into more pleasure in your life taps you into presence. You can't experience pleasure without being present." - Mimi Lindquist

Treat The Root Cause, Not The Symptom

"The medical system is not set up to help your long-term health and vitality thrive. It's set up to manage symptoms. About 350,000 women die every year of cervical cancer. Their solution is to go in and remove a portion of the cervix. Cutting away a part of the body is not a solution. It's just turning off the check engine light. If we don't address that initial immune dysfunction, we're not addressing the root of why there is a signal from your body the first place." - Mimi Lindquist

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About Mimi Lindquist

Clear HPV Naturally: Letting Go of Shame To Heal The Body-Mind-Soul-Sex Connection | Mimi Lindquist

Mimi Lindquist is a Nutrition Expert, AHCC educator, registered dental hygienist, and Host of The Medicin Podcast.

She has been helping people prevent disease for over 10 years now, by educating and empowering individuals to be their own best health advocates.

Today, her primary area of disease prevention education surrounds Immune Intel AHCC + other medicinal mushrooms, which has earned her the nickname, The Mushroom Queen.

Unfortunately, there is a significant gap between the clinical research of mushrooms and the general public, so Mimi is committed to being the link between research and the public via online education, social media, and her podcast.

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