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Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

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Dec 28, 2023

We are embodied reflections of each other. And what that means is that there’s no separate self. When you begin to see that, you’ll see through the imagination.

Wetiko makes us think that we exist in a way that we don’t. It makes us think that we exist as a reference point in space and time, as a separate self, and as soon as we see ourselves in that way, we then think the world is objective, separate from us. - Paul Levy

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Wellness + Wisdom Episode 599

In this special replay of episode 503, Josh Trent meets Paul Levy, author of the book Wetiko: Healing the Mind-Virus That Plagues Our World and founder of the Awaken In The Dream community, to dive deep into what causes mass psychosis in our society, how we can escape the collective dream, and why awareness is the ultimate antidote to the mind virus.

How is the Wetiko mind virus governing our lives and the world, and what is the most efficient remedy to awaken from the collective dream?

Join Paul and Josh as they dive deep into Wetiko. Learn how to recognize Wetiko, what to do to free yourself from it, and how it impacts society and manifests in our day-to-day lives.


Listen To This Special Replay of Episode 503 As Paul Levy Uncovers:

[2:45] Poisoning Of The Human Evolution


[9:15] Wetiko Manifestation In Our Everyday Lives

  • What the Wetiko is trying to reveal and why we need to recognize what it’s showing us.
  • Kabbalah
  • Kahuna shamanism
  • Christian mysticism
  • How Paul discovered his childhood trauma and the suffering caused by his father wound.
  • How the process of observing his own mind for several years and meditating made him realize that we are having a collective dream.
  • Why his awakening was mistaken for a mental illness.
  • Why he identifies with the shamanic archetype.
  • His realization that the evil he received from his father was manifesting through the system in the psychiatric institution.
  • What happens when an evil cannibalistic spirit takes over people’s minds.
  • Trans-personal energy: Higher-dimensional energy that can possess us and keep us “asleep.”
  • How groups of people with power unwillingly become the instrument of trans-personal energy.


[16:15] Our True, Creative Nature VS Collective Psychosis

  • His practice to become familiar with his true nature to avoid being touched by evil.
  • What true nature is according to Paul and how it helps us with Wetiko.
  • Paul explains why nobody is immune to Wetiko.
  • Why a negative father is an archetype that exists in the collective unconscious, and how it relates to domination and objectification of Mother Nature.
  • The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are by Alan Watts
  • Why Josh thinks forcing a meaning of something can make us fall into spiritual bypassing.
  • The reason Paul wrote the book about Wetiko and had to split it into two books.
  • How seeing Wetiko takes away its power and empowers yourself.


[23:40] Fighting Wetiko With Our Consciousness

  • Why the essence of the Medicine Buddha is an inspiration to Paul, and the story behind his tapestry.
  • Wetiko in sacred texts: Why was it edited out of the Bible?
  • How Wetiko offers us a false identity and how it manipulates us through it unless we are able to identify our true self.
  • Uncovering how the Bible indirectly describes Wetiko as a blindness of the mind correlated to the coldness of the heart.
  • Why the revelation of quantum physics is a medicine for Wetiko.
  • What it means that we are the solution and we possess the creative power to heal ourselves from the mind virus.
  • Paul explains a Tibetan Buddhist tradition: Terma (hidden treasure).
  • How quantum physics is a modern-day analog to the Terma: Discovering there is no such thing as an objective world.
  • Why the belief that we are passive witnesses and the world is objective gives power to Wetiko.
  • How dreams become a reflection of our minds, reinforce our viewpoints, and hypnotize ourselves


[36:00] The Collective Dream Of Separate Selves

  • Josh explains why it’s impossible to go back to being unconscious after you start your healing journey.
  • What the Bleep Do We Know!?
  • The importance of recognizing that we are in a collectively shared dream.
  • Why the characters in our dreams are aspects of ourselves.
  • There is no separate self: We are embodied reflections of each other.
  • Why seeing ourselves as separate from the world keeps us disconnected from our true nature.
  • What it means that we are unique points of consciousness expressing itself from a source according to Josh.


[40:20] Becoming The Observer + Changing The Past

  • Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality by Paul Levy
  • Why according to quantum physics there is only the present moment, and how we can access our power through it.
  • What it means that the past isn’t finished: We can observe the past in this moment and change it through our creative
  • imagination to heal.
  • How we express the atemporal part of us that is conscious in the linear timeline.
  • Unnatural time frequency and mind distortion: How our relation to time causes insanity.
  • Why we put too much emphasis and give meaning to time.


[44:20] Awakening From The Wetiko Dream

  • God is dark and light, everything and nothing, love, and hate.
  • Why our power lies in how we interpret our experience according to Paul.
  • How quantum physics proves to us that we are creating our experience of the world and ourselves moment by moment.
  • The universe is malleable and mutable just like our experiences and who we are.
  • The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living by Dalai Lama
  • Why the more you express compassion, the more compassion there is to share.
  • How helping others awaken actually helps us because we are not separate.
  • Bodhisattva: Being in the process of awakening.
  • How awakening can also become contagious that can affect the world in a positive way.
  • The secret power of dreaming: What would happen if we and all characters in our dreams would awaken.
  • Josh sings a song that reminds him of what Paul was talking about.


[51:15] The Self-Induced Mind Blindness


[57:55] The Source Of Our Suffering

  • A text by Jesus Christ that was edited out from the Bible: “I am a mirror to those that perceive me.”
  • Why the mirror is a symbol of true nature in Buddhism.
  • How identifying ourselves with our unhealed wounds feeds the Wetiko.
  • How Buddha discovered that the source of our suffering is clinging.
  • What it means that there is no Wetiko outside of us and the fear of Wetiko is actually Wetiko.


[01:01:55] The Inner & The Outer Manifestation Of Wetiko

  • 344 Leslie Manookian | COVID19 – The Truth About Flattening The Curve
  • Josh explains collective madness according to Carl Jung.
  • Why Paul believes that Jung used the word ‘totalitarian psychosis’ to describe Wetiko.
  • The inner and the outer reflection of Wetiko: How it controls our mind like totalitarianism controls the world.
  • How we can envision who we are and our world through ideas.
  • Why the greatest tyrants in history were scared of new ideas.
  • How our creative power potentiates when we get in phase with each other and become of service to the whole.
  • Paul reveals why quantum physicists lose their job when they try to tell the truth about consciousness.
  • The new symbolic idea: We can change the collective dream we’re having.


[01:06:55] How Our Trauma Projects In The World

  • Why the mirror etymologically means a holder of the shadow.
  • Shadow projecting: Not owning our own darkness makes us project it out and embody it.
  • How the evil outside of us is a reflection of ourselves, and why recognizing this brings us closer to our light and goodness.
  • Josh shares his experience with his fear of being dominated.
  • How Paul’s father tried to annihilate his light when he saw him stepping into his light because that’s what he was doing to himself.
  • The Murder of Christ: The Emotional Plague of Mankind by Wilhelm Reich
  • Unpacking how we are still murdering the Christ; the light force within us, by not being awake.
  • How abuse trauma shows us that we are abusing ourselves.


[01:13:15] The Antidote For Wetiko

  • 481 Scott Jackson | Rewire Yourself: How To Create A Life You Love With Freedom From Subconscious Sabotage
  • Symbols are the language of dreams and the antonym to ‘diabolic’: Recognizing the dream-like nature is the antidote for the diabolic energy of Wetiko.
  • How language creates our experience according to Paul.
  • What happens to all the potentialities that don’t manifest in the world.
  • Why there is always the possibility of creating a different reality according to quantum physics.
  • Hundredth monkey effect
  • Why it’s important to envision ourselves awakening.
  • What wellbeing means to Paul: Connecting with our creative agency and our true nature.


Power Quotes From The Show

The World Is A Reflection Of Our Inner World

"What’s happening externally in the world is reflecting what’s happening in the mind, and vice versa. With Wetiko, we all have a potential, when all of a sudden it becomes activated, it will set up this shadow government within our mind.

It will subsume the healthy parts of the psyche into its service. It will hijack the psyche. It will colonize our mind. It will dictate to the ego in such a way that we then become in service to it, to the point that we become possessed, we become taken over, we become instruments of our own enslavement. That’s exactly what’s happening in the world with totalitarianism." - Paul Levy


The Subjective Observation Of The World

"There is no such thing as an objective world. That’s just an idea in our head that the active observation of the world actually influences the world we’re observing. That’s the description of a dream.

What that means is that the active observation is creative. That’s the portal into this immense vast creative power that each one of us has, each and every moment in creating our experience." - Paul Levy


What Feeds The Wetiko Virus

"There is no Wetiko outside of us. If people hear about a mind virus and feel afraid, that feeling afraid, that is Wetiko. There’s nothing to feel afraid of because there is nothing there.

But if we cling to it and give it with reality, then we’re colluding with our own victimization, then we’re complicit with evil, then we’re investing in the reality of Wetiko, and there’s nobody else to blame but ourselves." - Paul Levy


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paul levy wetikoPaul Levy, a pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, is a wounded healer in private practice who helps others who are awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. He established the Awaken In The Dream Community in Portland, Oregon.

Paul is an artist who is deeply influenced by C. G. Jung's work and has been a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for over 35 years. For over two decades, he was the coordinator of the Portland PadmaSambhava Buddhist Center.

He is also the author of several best sellers: